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Here are today’s top 5 Patchogue stories:

  1. Autumn will be a happy season for residents who have ordered a soccer field in Patchogue Village. This pioneering work is expected to happen sometime in the fall. The football field will be installed at 380 Bay Ave. It will provide free play and recreation. About $98,000 will be invested in the project. (Long Island Advance)
  2. Save the date of Petco’s adoption on Saturday at Patchogue. Several fur friends will be ready to meet you on July 2 at 11 a.m. The Last Chance Animal Rescue will host the event. (all events)
  3. Some residents are concerned about a possible redevelopment plan at Mastic Beach. As part of the project, a new road will be opened where some houses are located. One resident expressed her fear of losing her property due to construction. (News 12 Long Island)
  4. Local author Kim Feliciano has released her first book, Edna the Egg. Feliciano grew up in Patchoug and is currently a resident of Mastic Beach, works as a teacher on a Suffolk County farm and is passionate about children’s literature and nature. “Edna the Egg” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. (Long Island Advance)
  5. sUfolk County Police conducted active shooting exercises Wednesday as part of their school safety training program. The simulation was conducted at an elementary school in Ronkonkoma with over 120 officers. (News 12)

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Today in Bachoge:

  • Almost who is a rehearsal play in PMPL. (4 m)
  • Painting Suncatchers! in PMPL. (4 m)
  • Snacks without bread in PMPL. (6 m)

From my notebook:

  • Portfolio Center: “2022 America’s Best and Worst Cities.” (wallet center)
  • patch: “Patch has launched a brand new mortgage center to help you better understand the mortgage options available to you.” (patch)
  • Pachugo-Medford School District: “Cut the Ribbon for Grades 4 and 5” Medford Primary Transformation Club! “These students worked hard to brighten up their school corridors! These young Picassos did a great job.” (Patchogue-Medford School District via Facebook)
  • Pachogo Medford Youth and Community Services: “We are very excited to announce the newest member of our team. Meet Vanessa Urbano. Vanessa comes to us after she recently graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, majoring in criminal justice and sociology.” (Patchogue-Medford Youth & Community Services via Facebook)

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