15 Books like ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ That’ll Be Your Next Beach Read

Where The summer you turned beautiful Dropped on Prime Video, the book trilogy by Jenny Han on which the series is based has become the beach read of summer 2022. ICYMI, Han’s first book series, To all the boys I’ve loved before, has become a popular adapted film trilogy, and its latest series is a must-read. for The summer you turned beautifulLeaning to specialize in young romance, Hahn takes readers on a beachside journey marked by the struggles of adulthood and the tense love of teens. If you can’t resist a summertime read full of adventure, heart-wrenching romance, and deep stories about growing up and choosing your own path, check out these fifteen books like The summer you turned beautiful to get lost in it.

If you relate to Isabelle “Belly” Conklin’s story about growing into femininity and browse healthy relationships as you find yourself, this library of options like The summer you turned beautiful Offer similar summer vibes. If you want to teleport away from the miserable life to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, a teenage dream set in the world of Taylor Swift, or the shady romantic streets of Tuscany, take a look at these 15 romance novels of Summer 2022 that are all about young love.

There is nothing worse than feeling like completing a book and leaving the world you once fascinated with. Fortunately, just like The summer you turned into beautiful, Many of these 15 similar books also have a movie or TV adaptation so you can stream right after you finish reading. In this list, you will discover a variety of summer youth novels set in interesting places, with complex but cute love stories and honest life lessons that you will love just as much. The summer you turned into beautiful.


Summer of Broken Rules by KL Walther

What if your summer reading was in Taylor Swift’s universe, specifically in fearless And the talk now albums? This contemporary romance novel is inspired by the queen of breakout songs herself, and KL Walther has weaved several references to her music throughout the story.

The story follows Meredith Fox, after her sister is lost and abandoned by her longtime boyfriend, venturing out to Martha’s Vineyard for her cousin’s wedding. There, she plays in her family’s traditional Assassin game and finds an ally and romance in a sweet summer. It has themes of loss, puberty, imaginative love, and self-esteem, just like a Taylor Swift song.


along to ride Written by Sarah Dyson

You’ll stick with this novel all day at the beach. Located in a storybook beach town, along to ride She follows Auden as she visits her father and his new family in the summer. There, she works in a shop and meets a boy named Ellie who takes her on adventures fit for a teenage dream. Although written in 2009, Netflix released a movie adaptation in May that you can stream right after reading it.


beach reading Written by Emily Henry

If you are looking for a smart romance story with smart humor and control over sexual tension, beach reading (aptly named) you. The protagonist January has the energy of a main character as she recounts and imagines her life like a blockbuster. She meets angry Gus who doesn’t believe in fairy tales – until their exciting love story unfolds.


the universe endured Written by Jennifer Niven

If you have read All the bright placesThen you’ll love Jennifer Niven’s touching story of love, coming of age, and seeing someone for who they really are. in the universe enduredLibby navigates dealing with her mother’s death, body image issues, and the chaotic world of a brand new high school.


every summer after that by Carly Fortune

in every summer after that, city girl Persephone Fraser returns to her childhood hometown to attend Sam’s former mother’s funeral. This summer story is filled with themes of reconnected love, nostalgia and lessons from your past.


We were liars by E. Lockhart

This dubious puzzle is set in old Cape Cod money. It follows Cadence Sinclair Easton and her group of friends and “liars” as they navigate her broken family, heart-wrenching romance, and a surprising twist at the end. Go read this ready for a roller coaster – and don’t you dare spoil the ending.


Every last word by Tamara Ireland Stone

As Samantha McAllister navigates her young year with toxic famous friends, she also struggles daily with OCD. A new friend named Caroline introduces her to a world of misfits where she meets a mysterious boy who plays guitar. It is a story about first love and finding yourself, with a poetic twist.


Love and Gelato by Gina Evans Welch

This reading is like enjoying soft ice cream in the sun. Set in Tuscany, Lina follows her dying mother’s desire to find her estranged father. She sets out on a journey to uncover her family’s secrets, while navigating the enchanting Italian landscape of art, food and romance.


sweet bitter by Stephanie Danler

This bittersweet tale is about bleak New York City, coming of age, lust and the search for belonging in an elite restaurant where Tess inadvertently takes on a life-changing “background employee” job. It even inspired an original drama after two seasons Stars.


sun kiss by Casey West

in sun kissAvery is dragged on a family summer camping trip after she hears about her best friend’s eventual betrayal. A charming camp employee named Brooks takes her on a journey of self-discovery and heartfelt surprises.


Maybe in another life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

When Hannah Martin runs into an old flame in a bar after returning to her hometown of Los Angeles, she faces two choices: should she go home with her friend Gabby or stay with Ethan for the rest of the night? The novel splits into two alternate story lines leading to Hana’s sequels, as the author explores the fate and existence of soulmates.


Stop by Lacey Waldon

Stop An irresistible whirlwind between enemies and lovers revolves around Ava Green who takes her last flight as a flight attendant. When the plane crashes at Belize Airport, she’s stuck in heaven with her awesome enemy and former pilot, Jack Stone.


wait for it by Jane McKinley

Annabelle Martin packs up her bleak Boston life to take on the position of Creative Director in Phoenix, Arizona in wait for it. When she arrived, she was immediately intrigued by her new owner, who demonstrated her friendship, strength, and courage to embrace a happy life.


Before we were strangers by Renee Carlino

This double-pointed novel tells a heartfelt and tender tale of past love and lost connections after two people separated 15 years ago in New York City. Keep your tissues nearby for this.


The distance between us by Maggie O’Farrell

set in 1994, The people we keep After April Sawicki’s escape from her dusty town and her “moving home”, she takes on a nomadic life in search of a place she calls and meets unforgettable people along the way.

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