15+ indie bookstores in Philly for great new and secondhand reads

At a time when books are being banned and taken off the shelves, support for independent bookstores has never been more important. فيلادلفيا ، لحسن الحظ ، لا تعاني من نقص في هذه الأحجار الكريمة ، التي يمتلكها ويعمل بها عشاق الكتب على استعداد لمساعدتك في العثور على القراءة المفضلة التالية. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling story, a dense fantasy book, a sentimental memoir, or a sparkling summer read, you’re in good hands at these great bookshops in Philly.

You may find yourself getting book recommendations from TikTok instead of glossy magazines, but there’s no shortage of stories to fit into bound books. If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Philadelphia, consider going to one of the great bookstores in Philadelphia below to find your next great read, or any other kind of fun good.

If you browse your book online, you can support many of these local stores through sites like Bookshop.org and Libro.FM (for audiobooks), which use a revenue sharing model to support the independent business of your choice.

Best bookstores in Philly for new books

new idea Couple Kristina Russo-Schneider and Alex Schneider have created an idea novel that opened in 2018 as a literary hub to support the South Philly/Pacific Square community — and in homage to the neighborhood in which they first dated. انطلق داخل المساحة الأنيقة ذات الطابع العتيق لتصفح آلاف الكتب ، بالإضافة إلى حقائب اليد ومجموعة صغيرة من الهدايا ، والعديد منها لفنانين محليين. Its highly exploreable shelves draw you to unexpected titles, including newly released fiction, comprehensive children’s books, the latest for young readers and an abundance of non-fiction books. With its community-centered mission in mind, New Idea has dedicated a department to local authors and small prints. If diving into this summer’s mystery rom-com sounds fun, they recommend Four aunts and a wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto. 1726 Basiank Street

Big Blue Marble In the heart of Mount Airy, this eclectic store offers a variety of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, cookbooks, and soon a remodeled children’s section and second-floor reading room. Dedicated to getting books into the hands of readers, Big Blue Marble offers a delivery service for those living at home or isolated due to the pandemic. Their online store only displays a selection of their full inventory. 551 Carpenter Line

Black and Noble’s new South Street location, November 2021. Image courtesy of the store’s Facbook.

Black and Noble In addition to selling personal wellness products like seaweed, this beloved South Street store also has dozens of books by black authors, including children’s books, urban novels, and non-fiction anthologies—all handpicked. Black and Nobel can also send books to inmates in most prisons to ensure everyone has access to the great books. If you stop, Sage recommends Think and Grow Rich: Black Cucumber Written by Dennis Kimbrough and Napoleon Hill, to learn the success secrets used by influential black American icons. 410 South Street

Al-Hakim Library and Gift Shop

Library and gifts of the wise Located in the bustling 52nd Street lane in West Philly, Hakim has been a primary source of adult and children’s literature for over 70 years – and is one of the oldest black-owned bookstores in the city. The store was founded on the belief that it was important for African Americans to read to better understand black culture and history. Today, most of the books in the store were written by black authors, and the center for black culture and history. Al-Hakim also supports community members who are currently incarcerated by shipping to prisons. This summer, the sage bookstore and gift shop suggest you pick it up Egypt on the Potomac Written by Anthony Browder, Dive into the “hidden history” of Washington, D.C. and its relationship to ancient Egypt. 210 52 S Street

Harriet Library

Harriet Library Janine Cook named the sanctuary-like store of Fishtown after Harriet Tubman. Harriett celebrates female authors, artists, and activists with its roster of stocks and events – Whiskey Friday, major launch parties, Sunday Gospel Store days, and a meet-and-greet with Trappa B. Mason, Lauren Curry, and Nicole Hannah Jones. Inside, you’ll find a large selection of fiction and non-fiction titles, most, but not all, written by women. You’ll also find what Cook describes as foundational texts – the works of Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, and Octavia Butler.

Keep up with the store’s calendar for ways to bypass books through author talks, workshops, and educational opportunities. When you leave, be sure to carry your Well-Read Jawn bag to carry your new readings home. And when you’re on the other side of Delaware, check out their sister store, Ida Bookstore, in Collingwood, New Jersey.

Cook herself spends summers in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France, reading James Baldwin as often as she can. To begin with the beginning of his work, she recommends: Go tell her on mountainor to follow up, Next time fireFilm Criticism Satan finds workArticles nothing personal or hair in Jimmy Bluesor imagination: If Bill Street could talk or play, Amen corner. “He even has one children’s book, little man little manas you say. 258 E. Gerrard Street

Head House Books

Head House Books On the border of community Hill and Queen Village, this bookstore has been a staple for readers since 2005. The team here takes great care in curating the most in-demand titles, but if you’d rather plan your next reading, get started on the Headhouse website, and browse their listings, which include Anti-Racism Education, Gift Guides and Self-Help. يحمل المتجر كلاً من الكتب الخيالية والواقعية للقراء الصغار والكبار على حدٍ سواء – ويستضيف تقويمًا غنيًا بالأحداث لقراءات المؤلفين وأوقات قصص الأطفال. Headhouse’s picks for elegant gifts and cards are almost about to be. Owner Richard de Weingart’s Summer Reading Recommendations in Fiction: white on white And the trust; In my stories: The power of crisis: How three threats – and our response – will change the world And the American Founders. 619 South 2nd Street

neighborhood books An amazing collection of this store makes up tens of thousands of used books. Inside The Neighborhood Books, you’ll find a variety of fiction, covering most sub-genres as well as children’s books and picture books. ستجد أيضًا مجموعة أصغر من العناوين غير الخيالية ، بما في ذلك كتب المساعدة الذاتية والعلوم ، بالإضافة إلى قمصان مستوحاة من المؤلفين والفنون المحلية. 1906 South Street

Giovanni’s room

Philly Aids Thrift @ Giovanni Room This Gayborhood landmark, named after the famous James Baldwin novel, is one of the oldest LGBTQ+ and feminist libraries in the country. Inside, on the first floor and up a winding staircase, you’ll find thousands of quirky magazines and titles, of course, as well as art, movies, and music – curated by Philly AIDS Thrift, the relatively recent store owner. Even if you’re just passing by, you’ll want to stop and check out their window screens, which provide daily presence and representation for Philly’s LGBTQ+ community. 345 South 12 . Street

Uncle Poppies

Uncle Poppies Combining good coffee with great books, Uncle Bobby of Marc Lamont Hill has become a community staple for Germantown book lovers. Head inside to order from the full coffee bar, stocked with tasty snacks and lunch items. Next, browse the shelves for the latest in fantasy and realism, with a special highlight for black authors and books. Grab your book and coffee to go or relax in the café to read and people watch. The community has worked hard to keep the doors to this local gem open after multiple instances of vandalism. 5445 Germantown Street

Best New + Used Philly Bookstores

Bindlestiff Books This West Philly bookstore is run by volunteers and carries a range of new, used and discounted books. Their inventory of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, children’s books, and more has been carefully selected with Baltimore Avenue readers in mind. ستجد على موقع الويب الخاص بهم قوائم بأحدث الكتب مبيعًا للمساعدة في توجيه قائمة القراءة الخاصة بك والمقالات ذات الصلة حول الكتاب وعالم النشر. In addition to helping you grow your personal library, the store hosts author talks, where you can meet and learn from writers you love. 4530 Baltimore Street

The house of our books Step into this elegant Victorian home in the university town to be instantly transported to the science library of your dreams. House of Our Own specializes in new and used books in cultural studies, history, literary criticism, and political science. This is a place to shop in person, with two well organized whole stories to hang out and enjoy a good read. There is a website too, but only a small selection of their inventory is online. 3920 Spruce Street

mostly books This very large warehouse – 5,000 square feet – inside a series of 19th century stables is filled with new and used books – 50,000 of them – as well as movies, music and photos. Bring your favorite books and CDs to trade in for store credit. Not surprisingly, the extensive selection extends to species. Prepare to get lost in the piles as you browse through this huge collection of books. 529 Bainbridge Street

head and hand

head and hand This truly sunny Kensington bookstore was designed with book nerds in mind. The Head and the Hand is a neighborhood-run, grant-funded, non-profit publishing house and bookstore that sells new and used fiction, non-fiction, medium, and local authors. The venue also hosts a range of local writing workshops, art programs, and author talks. And the best part? You can have the entire bookstore for yourself. Grab one of their date night packages where you and your partner can enjoy a BYOF (bring your own food) date for $85-100 per stack. The staff will serve wine. If you’re looking for a new author to fall in love with, they recommend woman of light By Callie Fajardo Anisten, “A sweeping historical epic centering on a heroine of Aboriginal Colorado at the turn of the twentieth century.” 2230 Frankford Street

Best websites in Philly for used books

book corner يدير هذا المتجر المقتصد الذي يديره أصدقاء المكتبة الحرة ، خلف فرع باركواي المركزي في بن فرانكلين باركواي ، الكتب المحبوبة ذات مرة فرصة للعثور على منزل ثان. السعر مناسب أيضًا: تكلف آلاف الكتب 3 دولارات أو أقل عبر جميع الأنواع ، مما يجعل العثور على شيء يستحق الإضافة إلى مجموعة القراءة الخاصة بك أمرًا لا مفر منه. Come browse the aisles and find a title you love, or bring books you’re willing to donate. Store proceeds help support and advocate for the Philadelphia Libraries. 311 North 20 . Street

Haven book You’ll find this cozy shop at the bottom of the block from the Eastern State Penitentiary where the friendly staff has two very cute cats. A huge collection of used books includes modern classics and memoirs – if you’re lucky, with a few notes in the margin from a previous owner. 2200 Fairmont Street

book dealer When you first walk into this second-hand shop in the Old Town, you may be overwhelmed by high shelves and never-ending stacks of books. But it doesn’t take long to find order in the system. Browse thousands of books you once loved, organized by genres. And if you have books to give away, exchange them and use that credit to shop for books in stock. Most books are accepted, and any books they cannot carry will be donated to Books Through Bars and local libraries. If you prefer music, head to the second floor to explore their recording room. 7 North 2nd Street

Molly’s Books and Records The Italian Market Store has a small footprint, but features one of the most curated and knowledgeable collections of books in town. Its strong bohemian feel means cult, pulp, magic, and sci-fi, and the left-of-the-disc selections are generally represented, as well as a selection of poetry and an impressive selection of children’s books, with a kid-friendly corner to browse. Moreover, it has a comprehensive section for food and cookbooks. Molly’s Books shares the shelf space with a smaller but similarly cramped vinyl set with a deep dive in 45-rpm singles of all kinds. 1010 South 9th Street


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