2022 NBA Draft grades: Detroit Pistons select Jaden Ivey with No. 5 overall pick

The Detroit Pistons selected Jaden Ivey with the No. 5 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Ivey has the most upside of any guard in the draft. He’s a completely relentless athlete and should be able to outsmart everyone but the best defenders in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean he’s a one-man pony. Ivey hit 37 percent behind the arc last season, and he’s perfectly capable of scoring both on and off the ball. His mid-range game needs work, but if all goes as planned over the next few years, Ivey could be one of the best scoring guards in basketball.

Ivey was considered a top four pick entering draft night, but fell to the Pistons in fifth. While that’s less than Ivy likely wanted, CBS Sports NBA draft experts feel it’s very appropriate and have given Detroit a chance. Grade A+ for selection.

Ivy is an explosive athlete who plays big and is able to attack the edge in many ways. Comparisons with Ja Morant don’t really add up for Ivy, but he’s a great player nonetheless. There are questions as to whether he will actually be a starting guard in the NBA, but he is now linked to Cade Cunningham, the natural distributor. Grade: A +

His game industry will need some work at the next level if he’s going to be a key goalkeeper. He averaged just three assists per game last season, and in that sense, he might benefit from playing alongside another pass-maker. His defense has very high potential, but he has yet to put it together to contribute steadily to that end of the floor. Ivy will take some time to grow into the player he can be, but there is all-star potential in this former Boilermaker.

The Pistons picked first overall last season, and in that slot, they had a huge home run with point guard Kid Cunningham. The versatile baller looks like a future star and made a convincing case for the Rookie of the Year a season ago, but if he’s going to help get the Pistons back into the playoffs for the first time since 2017, he’ll need some help.

That’s especially true after the Pistons tackled powerhouse forward Jeramy Grant to the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday. Detroit is said to be hoping to use the extra cover flexibility for Suns DeAndre Ayton Center Court, but before the draft arrived, a top-five team was able to fall back. This put more pressure on the pistons for an immediate contributor with this choice.

It remains to be seen if Ivey is able to contribute immediately or not, but his all-time fifth-place finish is a big win for Detroit. Ivy was widely expected to finish fourth overall, and several teams tried to replace him to get him. Now the Pistons have two adorable little point guards to lead the rebuilding process.

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