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WEST HARTFORD – The UConn women’s basketball team gathered for the 20th annual Geno Kids Charity Golf Tournament at Hartford Golf Club on Tuesday.

Head coach Gino Oriima and players Ayana Patterson and Alia Edwards missed the event due to non-COVID-19 illnesses, but the rest of the players were there to discuss their exit seasons and what lies ahead.

After a year marred by infections and bouts of COVID-19, things are looking for healthy huskies. However, the players believe that taking on those struggles, which have strengthened their bond as a collective unit, will pay off next season.

“I mean, we’re tough,” said Big Bakers. “Evina [Westbrook] and high [Edwards] They were the only ones on the team to play the entire season, and everyone missed a game or two, or a lot. But just holding on to the hold we all had and the ruthlessness and perseverance we all had to go through, I feel like nothing can break us.

“I feel like there are obviously some things that can challenge us and there are things we have to struggle with, but I feel that if we are all together I don’t think anything can break us.”

Bueckers, Azzi Fudd, Dorka Juhász, Aubrey Griffin, Nika Mühl and Caroline Ducharme provided updates on their health and how they are progressing through various rehabilitation processes.

UConn fans can take this game and breathe a sigh of relief: All is well with Bueckers, who missed 19 games due to a knee injury.

“I probably took a couple of weeks off after the season,” she said. “I came back from injuring my knee, obviously, so just making sure that was 100% and making sure I was mentally and physically ready to get back into it. So I’m fine now.”

Fd, who missed 11 games with a foot injury, was focused on recovering and maintaining her body in the off-season. She said she rushed things and started training very early last season which led to pain and injury during the season.

“I’ve learned my lesson and I’m trying to be mature about this and take the time I need and don’t do much,” Fodd said. “Make sure I do enough to stay fit and shoot and keep the ball and everything fresh, but not so much on my feet that it bothers me. I want to make sure I am progressing enough but not overdo it.”

Fodd said things are going well as she did most of the group training last week and she was doing full individuals with the other guards. Although she is clearly eager to get back to doing whatever she normally does.

“It was a little frustrating because it was kind of taking so long and there’s nothing I can do to speed up the process, and I hate having to wait for that kind of thing,” she said. “It’s going slow, but it’s getting better, so I’m really happy and feeling good so far.”

Juhász feels “close to the finish line” in the process of recovering after sustaining a broken left wrist in the Elite Eight. She will see another doctor on July 5th.

“I have a good feeling he’s going to clear me,” Johasz said. “So I’m showing off. But yeah, they basically said, you know, three, four months, but I think I’m doing pretty well.”

Griffin missed her entire junior season with ankle and knee issues, after which she had to have surgery in January for a back injury. She’s still in the rehab process, but things are progressing well.

She’s been doing a lot of work with the bands as well as jumping around and working on getting back in shape. In terms of getting back into basketball activities, I’ve been able to “shoot a little bit and do a few things around the edge.” She doesn’t have an exact estimate of her comeback schedule yet, but she’s optimistic.

“Now I’m starting to do a few other things,” Griffin said. “So I should soon be ready to play fully.”

Ducharme had surgery on her left hip in late April to repair a stuck injury in high school. She said the rehabilitation process was “definitely going well.”

“I can do more,” she said. “I went to the doctor today, so I’m allowed to do more running and some basketball. Just more strength.”

Muhl suffered a foot injury, missing seven games when she was a freshman and third sophomore, but she expects to be ready to go into her freshman year.

“I feel that by the time the season starts everything will be fine. I feel, in general, very healthy.” “Before, I always played [through pain] But it’s no fun being out for a month and a half while my team plays. I feel like I should be getting smarter when it comes to it – when something hurts, say it. So I’ve been working on it, shortening myself as much as I can. But, we also have to act.”

The Huskys are confident of achieving their National Championship goals beyond all the adversity they faced last season and everyone on the roster is on track to be ready for pre-season.

“We talk about it all the time, as I don’t think there will be another season like this, I hope it won’t,” Ducharme said. “But it’s crazy to look back and think about all that we’ve been through and still end up where we ended up. It’s obviously not the way we wanted to end, but I think in the long run it will definitely help us go into this year in sort of having a different mindset.” .

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