Autohero named lead sponsors of basketball team

news story. 06/23/2022

Florentino Perez and Asir Garcia Ramalo signed the agreement at Real Madrid City.

Autohero has been named as the new main sponsor of Real Madrid basketball team. Our club has secured a three-year renewable deal with Europe’s leading high-quality used car dealership platform, which is one of the AUTO1 Group SE brands. club president Florentino Perez and Asier García Ramallo, CEO and Vice President of AUTO1 Group for Spain and Portugal, put pen to paper on the agreement in Real Madrid City. This association, which officially takes effect on July 1, 2022, will feature the Autohero logo on the team’s jersey.

Real MadridCorporate Relations Manager, Emilio Butragueñosaid the following about the agreement: “We are very pleased to sign this agreement, which sees Autohero become the main sponsor of our basketball team in the next few seasons. It is a young company and an industry leader within Europe and one that shows an ongoing commitment to innovation. We look forward to enjoying many more of successes on the pitch with the team, which continues to put many smiles on the faces of the Madrid fans.”

Christian Bertermann, CEO and co-founder of AUTO1 Group SE, commented: “It is my pleasure to secure this partnership with the most successful basketball team in both Spain and Europe. We have found the perfect partner in real madrid basketball , given that they both share the same passion for creating happy and unforgettable experiences. There is no doubt that this agreement will allow us to continue the success we have enjoyed in Europe and help us achieve further growth in a country that is important to us as a company.”

strategic partnership
García Ramalo, Managing Director of Spain and Portugal Otero, announced: “We are very proud to announce this very strategic sponsorship, which will enhance the fame of our brand both in Spain and in Europe, especially among basketball fans. At the expense of the great team’s reputation this agreement with real madrid basketball It will allow us to create more contacts across the large community of fans who support our goal of Autohero becoming the number one choice for car buyers in Spain.”

Real Madrid basketball ambassador Felipe Reyes Talk about association in the following terms: “This sponsorship agreement can be very beneficial for both of us. We are sure that for a small company like you, the increase in popularity that comes with being the main sponsor of Real Madrid Basketball will be very important and will help you build a reputation that aligns with The values ​​of reliability and professionalism that characterize our club.”

Reyes also sought to reflect on the contribution of the outgoing sponsors of the Palladium Hotels Group, “We are really grateful to the Palladium Hotels Group, our main sponsor for the past three seasons. The past few years have been very difficult for them. We have all suffered greatly during the pandemic, but the class of Luxury hotels scattered around the world have been hit hard. We appreciate the commitment they have shown during this period, despite the difficulties they have faced. We are in discussions with them about expanding their relationship with the club in the next few seasons because we are very pleased with the results they have achieved for us.”

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