Premium Cookies For Free 2022 is a web-based graphic design suite with a high level of automation. You may use it to make logos, films, designs, images, and text-to-speech conversions, among other things. It is especially user-friendly for beginners due to the straightforward layout. Pros and Cons

  • You’ll be guided through the entire procedure by simple and easy tools.
  • 123RF library included for easier design development.
  • Free trial for 30 days.
  • Browser-based application
  • Stores all of your projects on the cloud.
  • You may become stuck on a task and need to refresh it.
  • Slowly loads
  • pricier than the competition is a relatively new online graphic design tool that is quickly gaining traction as a serious competitor to Canva and Snappa. The only issue is whether it is better. is a far more complete set of tools than the online graphic design platforms you’re used to. There’s also a Logomaker, Videomaker, Design maker, Speechmaker, Color Matcher, Font Pairer, and Social Calendar, in addition to the Graphicmaker.

Although is somewhat more expensive than its rivals, when you examine the whole worth of the collection, you’ll save a lot of money that you would have spent on multiple individual tools. is currently only offered as a membership service, not as a one-time purchase. Fortunately, the team has offered all Photutorial readers a 30-day free trial of the basic plan, so you can test it out without risk.

Let’s have a look at my entire evaluation now…

Designs.Ai Price

Let’s start with the plan selection, as it’s the most important factor in determining what you can and can’t accomplish with is only accessible as a subscription service, which means that if you stop paying, you will no longer be able to utilize it. Your account has already been moved to a free plan. You have the option of selecting one of two free plans, each of which provides you a taste of what the premium plan would be like. The free plan only offers you access to basic features and watermarks your downloads.

Basic, Pro, and Enterprise are the three priced programs. If you pay yearly, the price is $39 per month; if you pay monthly, the price is $49 per month. They differ in terms of the number of team members, the amount of monthly photos you may use from 123RF or GettyImages, and branding tools available.

I worked with, which graciously granted all Photutorial readers a 30-day free trial. To get the trial, use the code PHOTUTORIAL30. You may acquire it by signing up and then selecting “Do you have a voucher?” from the drop-down menu. You will not be charged anything.

LogoMaker Even if you have no prior knowledge in logo creation, Logomaker can assist you in creating logos. By following the breadcrumbs, a simple interface will walk you through the entire procedure. You begin by adding your brand name and a tagline (optional), then selecting a colour template and a preset style from a list of 21 options. logomaker logomaker

After that, you must select from over 12,000 icons to create your new logo. Using pre-designed icons is a simple way to get started. However, you can wind up with a logo that is identical to one created by someone else using the Logomaker.

The AI will generate numerous offers based on several variants of the symbols, your brand name, and the color you choose. After you’ve chosen your favourite logo, you can either download it and use it right away, or you may customize it further, which I encourage.

Advanced A.I. technology
Advanced A.I. technology

If you opt to alter the logo design, you’ll be sent to an editor where you may change all of the prior choices. Importantly, you may modify the typeface of your logo, which, together with color, is one of the most important aspects to consider when building your own brand. Unfortunately, the Logomaker does not allow you to choose your own font, which is my main criticism. If you’re not particular about typefaces, Logomaker provides over 1,000 built-in fonts that you may use for free.

All you have to do is click buttons or drag sliders in the editor, and it will automatically make all of the modifications to your logo design. You may pick the arrangement of the logo, adjust its size, and place containers (shapes) around it in addition to changing the color, name, and typefaces.

When you’re satisfied with the outcome, you may move on to the next stage, which is downloading the logo. You can either download the logo for free or pay $30 to have it included into your complete brand. When you select the free version, you will receive a zip file including JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG versions of your logo, which you may use right away. basic and premium basic and premium

In addition, the premium paid edition downloads a zip file with a lot more. You get the variants of your logo customized to the size of social media platforms, all the parameters of your logo saved in a branding kit, and the icon only, in addition to everything you get in the free version.

Finally, I was pleased with the ease with which the Logomaker process guided me through all of the phases. I readily understood the notion when I first tried the tool. I feel that novices would benefit greatly from Logomaker because it performs all of the work for them.

However, I’m having second thoughts about it. You don’t need the whole membership if you only need one logo for your business; instead, try the free trial. Furthermore, if you’re a designer, you should make your own logos, especially icons, because your customer may be upset if they discover you copied a symbol from somewhere else.

Designmaker Designmaker is focused on making it as simple as possible to create social media posts, advertising, cards, and quotations. If you’ve ever used Canva (review), you’ll have no trouble understanding how Designmaker works. designmaker designmaker

To begin, choose a preset project that has already been tailored for a certain purpose, such as an Instagram commercial, a Facebook cover, or a Story post. If you can’t find the suitable default for your project, you may start from scratch by using custom measurements.

Designmaker instantly suggests hundreds of templates that are already beautifully structured and have an appropriate layout once you complete your project. You may, of course, change the template to your choice. You may quickly change the settings in the editor by clicking on the components (text, shapes, and pictures).

The drag-and-drop editor is used to add new items. This simple method enables you to make intricate designs even if you have no prior knowledge or access to professional tools. Backgrounds, shapes, photos, and mockups are all available in the menu, as well as your brand kit, which helps you to get the most out of your branding.

123RF (review), a well-known stock picture agency, donated the images. You receive a few of previously included (free) photographs as well as quality images for 1 credit with the subscription plan. Designmaker allows you to utilize 123RF photos in your design before paying for them, similar to Adobe Stock’s (review) connection with Adobe Creative Cloud (review). They are, of course, watermarked until you purchase them, but you can see how they would work in your design. You may even submit your own photographs, which I enjoyed. download button

When you’re satisfied with your design, click Download in the upper right corner, pay for any photos you used (if any), and save it as a JPG, PNG, or PDF.


Any visual depiction relies heavily on graphics. They’re very great for blog posts and illustrated PowerPoint presentations. Graphicmaker is a collection of hand-drawn images and cartoons representing various professions (doctor, painter), activities (cooking, advertising), concepts (404 pages, logging out), and maps by graphicmaker graphicmaker

You can’t alter the forms or arrangement of any of the pictures, but you may alter the colours by selecting from a limited palette. You can save SVG or PNG files after you’re satisfied with the outcome. graphicmaker graphicmaker

Despite the fact that the visuals are well made, I would advise any major global business against adopting them. If you can use them, it implies that everyone else on the planet can, too. If you’re an individual or a small business, on the other hand, Graphicmaker illustrations will save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on a freelance artist.


I’ve always disliked producing videos because of all the minor adjustments that have to be made for even a short film, but Videomaker makes it a bit simpler. To begin with, it offers less tools and possibilities than a traditional video editor like Camtera, which I generally use. videomaker videomaker

To use Videomaker, navigate to the menu Create > Videomaker or access the tool straight from the dashboard. To begin, Videomaker asks you to name your project, write a script, and select an end screen message. After that, you choose an industry in which you operate, and Videomaker builds a template for your video based on that.

If you used the first step to upload a script, you’ll need to choose a language and a voiceover. Voiceover is a type of computer-generated voice that reads your script aloud instead of you. There are various male and female speakers to pick from. videomaker voiceover videomaker voiceover

When you’re ready, Videomaker launches a video editor with a predefined video template. You may either download the movie or alter it further at this point. The drag-and-drop editor makes adding photos, text, transitions, and music a breeze. To boost your brand’s global awareness, I propose including your company’s logo. videomaker editor videomaker editor

Finally, the video is available in a variety of aspect ratios for download. The ability to download the film as a watermarked draft without paying for the stock footage appealed to me, but it’s only accessible with the Pro and Enterprise plans.

In conclusion, I believe that Videomaker is a wonderful tool for quickly and easily generating videos. It’s similar to Flexclip (review), but it’s superior in terms of features and workflow. However, owing to a lack of effects and settings, I believe it is not fit for sophisticated users.


Speechmaker is a simple text-to-speech program. You type some text into Speechmaker, and it changes it to a voice.

Currently, there are hundreds of languages to pick from, each having at least two female and male voiceovers. In addition, the English language has a variety of dialects and voices, including those from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

A single speech can be as lengthy as 1,000 characters, which isn’t much. In most cases, 1,000 characters equals 100-300 words. As a result, if you require lengthier talks, you’ll have to combine many text-to-speech conversions. Speechmaker Speechmaker

Because conversion is quick, you may use it nearly immediately after obtaining the mp3 file.

Due to the robot-like accents, artificial voices are now immediately recognizable from human voices. However, this isn’t only a flaw with the Speechmaker. I recently tested a few text-to-speech programs, and they’re all still quite awful. Cookies

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When I was evaluating, I had a few of queries, which I’ve answered here.

I suppose you have further questions, so please ask them in the comments section below.

Is a free service? offers both a free trial and a free plan for its paying services. For 30 days, the free trial offers you full access to the premium plan, whereas the free plan lasts indefinitely but restricts access to several services.

Is it possible to buy only once? is exclusively offered as an online service with membership rates beginning at $39/month. The continual payment ensures that all of the most recent updates are available without the need to purchase them separately.

Is a decent place to start for a beginner? is especially useful for novices because it is focused on simplicity and straightforward use. It requires no prior expertise of design or video production. Professionals will benefit greatly from, especially if they want to simplify their process.

Is a trustworthy and secure website?

Hundreds of good reviews can be found all over the internet for Furthermore, their customer service crew is responsive, professional, and always willing to assist you., in my experience, is completely safe, and all of your purchases are risk-free.

What is the best way to use

To begin, you must first create an account. I propose that you take advantage of the free trial. You may start utilizing any tool you choose from the dashboard. Breadcrumbs will guide you through the whole logo, video, or design development process.

Conclusion of the Designs.Ai Review

Finally, is a viable substitute for Canva, Snappa, and other online graphic creation platforms. Unlike those, isn’t only focused on graphic design; it also has a video creator, color palette, font pairer, and social calendar, among other features.

As a result, if you want all of these features, is without a doubt the most cost-effective and practical option. However, if you only require one or two tools from’s arsenal, I prefer Canva or other less expensive choices.

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