Ethereum – Understanding The Past In Order To Predict The Future: Two Books To Get You Started

A lot of events are happening in the field of cryptocurrency online. For this reason, it may seem hard to believe that there is a crypto story worth creating a movie adaptation for. However, there are already two books on the origin of Ethereum that are too good to be made into a movie.

Many people are not aware of how blockchain networks came to be, or who the major players involved in creating some of the most popular networks. For example, no one even knows who the creator of Bitcoin is – only that they go by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, there have been many great books on Bitcoin – such as digital gold for example. However, the story of Ethereum and its original founders may be more interesting. If you ask why, one of the reasons could be that, for starters, we know who the original founders of Ethereum were.

There are currently two books about the origin of Ethereum released in the past year. Both books get great reviews, as well as claims that they could form the basis of the first crypto movie.

invisiblesand Infinite Machine: Summary

In short, both books are absolute must-reads if you are looking to learn about Ethereum. Although they both cover the origin story of Ethereum, they are different in many ways including the personalities, companies, and events they focus on. More importantly, it absolutely turns pages, as well as being a lot of fun to read.

Cryptopiansby Laura Shin

Cryptopians It is Laura Shane’s first book although there are no references to the “beginner” genre with this masterpiece. She spent 3 years researching and writing this book, and along the way she conducted hundreds of interviews with everyone involved in the story including Vitalik Buterin (the most famous founder, and largely the face of Ethereum), Gavin Wood (technical lead) and Mihai Alisie (founder of Bitcoin Magazine) and many more.

The book has a mix of storytelling as well as history/fact revealing which is rare. Reviews of the book seem to indicate that a good number of people think it should be a movie, similar to the way that social network, Facebook origin story captured. According to the interviews, Laura stated that there is a great deal of work to be done in fact-checking. For example, the mere fact that all token prices at different points in time are properly documented, while this story is being told at the same time is remarkable.

And there are not only a lot of price points in this book, but a large number of technical explanations. But this should not worry you if you are a newbie to coding. At times, it can be difficult for even seasoned veterans to understand concepts in cryptography, but Laura excels at making complex and technical jargon perfectly understandable.

Perhaps this is because she has been in the cryptocurrency business for quite some time now. Laura Sheen was Forbes’ first full-time major cryptocurrency journalist, and today she runs one of the largest and most followed podcasts, Unchained.

Infinite Machineby Camilo Russo

Like Laura, Camilo is also a crypto journalist and had worked for Bloomberg before writing Infinite Machine. This was the first book on the history of Ethereum, and thus the first book to focus more on the story of Ethereum rather than Bitcoin. For this reason, Camillo can be considered a true leader in terms of bridging the gap on Ethereum.

However, the first part of this book begins with a brief background on Bitcoin, which I think sets the stage well for what is to come. The book also sheds light on many aspects of the crypto world and repeatedly informs the reader of things that may be useful to anyone trying to understand the bridge between the real world and cryptocurrency. For example, she dropped a fact about how Argentina used to peg its currency to the dollar (it was actually sent to Argentina when she was working for Bloomberg as a financial reporter).

The book is very realistic, and although many of the characters are similar, there are some differences in the stories that the authors decide to focus on. Camilo’s book is easy to read, and you may find yourself greatly appreciating the aspects of the crypto world that you decided to focus on while reading.

Camillo currently runs The Defiant, a newsletter and website geared towards filling the gap in cryptocurrency coverage. One of its missions is to make DeFi, or decentralized finance, easy to understand.

Both books shed light on the breakthrough of DAO

One of the most famous stories in the crypto world is the events that occurred during the DAO hack. Both books delve into the details of what happened when a hacker drained $60 million in ether from DAO due to a recurring vulnerability in the code written in the smart contract.

This is an important story because it outlines the odds of what could happen in the crypto industry. Time and time again, we have seen many crypto exchanges, decentralized applications, NFT marketplaces, and other crypto applications get hacked. Since this was one of the first major applications on the Ethereum Blockchain, it only made sense for both crypto books to include this compelling story.

In fact, Laura Shin was able to use advanced blockchain analytics (through the help of a third party) to track down the official. She even recently hid the hacker with a cover story on Forbes. Both authors treat this event differently, and each book reveals separate details about the event.

Reading both coding books will give you a complete understanding

If you want to improve your knowledge of Ethereum, and rocket your understanding of the crypto world, add these two books to your bookshelf. Whether you are looking to enter a promising career dealing with cryptocurrencies, or you just want to read a good story, there is enough content here to last.

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