Europe Catching Up to Retail Technology Revolution

ISG Provider Lens™ Report says digital transformation allows leading European retailers to create unified multi-channel experiences

London, 24 June 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–European retailers are updating their IT capabilities to adapt to changing consumer behavior in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are still lagging behind U.S. retailers and other markets, according to a new research report published today by Information Services Group (NASDAQ: III), a leading global technology research and advisory company.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Retail Services Report 2022 for Europe and the UK found that businesses in the region are engaged in digital transformation to support the growing use of e-commerce and the demand for channel-neutral shopping experiences. The region is still catching up in markets like the United States and China, with retailers based in northern and western Europe moving more quickly than those in eastern European markets, ISG says.

“More European retailers are creating new sales channels, and we expect this trend to accelerate,” said Sundar Pillai, Director and Leader, Retail and Consumer Goods at ISG. “Service providers help businesses create a unified shopping experience across all channels.”

The report says the grocery, fashion and apparel sectors are rigorously applying new retail technologies. Digital transformation allows them to unlock new and popular shopping experiences that include social commerce, voice commerce, home delivery and home delivery. European retailers are also updating technology in their traditional stores, as customers are starting to return, expecting new features like cashless and free shopping.

Digital transformation and a unified customer experience require flexible supply chains, so retailers work with service providers to integrate supply chain systems for the free flow of information, ISG says. Europe has fewer warehouses and distribution centers than other regions, so service providers help retailers use stores as micro-centers to fulfill digital orders.

The growth of digital business is also generating unprecedented amounts of local data about customer behavior and preferences. Retailers integrate this information into structured data platforms that allow them to create a unique profile for each customer.

“With the help of providers, companies are ready to roll out more marketing campaigns tailored to increase loyalty,” said Jan Erik Aase, Partner and Global Leader, ISG Provider Lens Research.

The report also examines other trends among European retailers, including cloud migration and record growth in managed services adoption.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Retail Services Report 2022 for Europe and the UK assesses the capabilities of 23 providers across three quadrants: CX Switching Services, Platform Migration Services, and Managed Services.

The report names Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, HCL, Infosys, TCS and Wipro as leaders in the three quarters.

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Retail Services Report for Europe and the UK is available to subscribers or as a one-time purchase on this webpage.

About ISG Provider Lens™ Research

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Research Series is the only service provider assessment of its kind that combines data-driven empirical research and market analysis with real-world experience and feedback from ISG’s global advisory team. Companies will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help guide their selection of the right sourcing partners, while ISG consultants use reports to validate their market knowledge and make recommendations to ISG institutional clients. The research currently covers their providers offering their services globally, across Europe, as well as in the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Nordic countries, Australia and Singapore/Malaysia, with additional markets to be added in the future. For more information on ISG Provider Lens research, please visit this webpage.

The accompanying research series, ISG Provider Lens Archetype Reports, provides a first-of-its-kind assessment of providers from the perspective of specific types of buyers.

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