Evansville men’s basketball holds first summer practice of Ragland era

Evansville men’s basketball holds first summer practice of Ragland era

Evansville, Indiana – For the first time under a new discipline, the University of Evansville men’s basketball team occupied the gym at the Third Bank’s fifth practice facility. Music swayed over the speakers as players worked through transition drills, putting on shots and throwing dunks.

On Tuesday, new head coach David Ragland was able to see the Purple Aces team.

“All the things we were doing to make this happen are essential, but that’s the exciting part,” Ragland said. “(There is) nothing to worry about, just all the effort, energy and only education.”

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There was a lot of teaching to get around.

UEFA introduced 10 players to their new surroundings in the first exercise, with four involved in the transfers. The Ace were together and doing other team bonding activities before taking the court for the first time.

The four transfers – Sekou Sada Kalle of Akron, Marvin Coleman II of UNLV, Kenny Strawbridge Jr. From Alabama, and Yacine Toumi from Indian Hills Community College – she made her presence felt in the early days of summer work.

Yassine Toumi dunks the ball at the first UE men's basketball training of summer at Third Bank Fifth Practice Facility, in Evansville, Indiana, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

“Being able to hang out with them, talk to them and build with them both on and off the pitch is amazing. It’s a blessing,” said striker Trey Hall. “The chemistry is going to get tighter and tighter over the course of days, over weeks, and by the time of the season we should deal with it without any issues. I can already see her starting to build together now.”

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