ExxonMobil announces ethanol-to-jet technology for SAF production

  • Proprietary Methanol Aircraft Technology

    ExxonMobil has a long history of developing proprietary technologies and unique catalysts to create the energy products society needs. ExxonMobil is leveraging its core capabilities to develop a solution that converts methanol to SAF.

    Methanol derived from biomass and waste gasification, as well as from low-carbon hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide (CO₂), can be converted to SAF using ExxonMobil’s methanol to proprietary catalytic process technology and catalysts. ExxonMobil’s preliminary estimates indicate that this solution has a higher yield of jet fuel than other options. ExxonMobil’s solution also provides the flexibility to use a blend of alcohols as feedstock and produce renewable diesel and low carbon chemical feedstock.

    “Methanol to jet technology is scalable and suitable for converting methanol produced from today’s world-class plants. The work needed to qualify the resulting renewable jet fuel pathway has already begun,” said James Ritchie, President of ExxonMobil Catalyst and Licensing LLC.

    Technology of converting other biological feeds into other biological feeds

    In addition, ExxonMobil has process technology and catalysts available to customers today that convert other bio-renewable feeds, such as used cooking oils, animal fats and vegetable oils, into renewable aviation fuels. Our analysis demonstrates that our BIDW isomerization catalyst offers an advantage in aviation fuel production versus currently available alternatives.

    Removal of carbon and hydrogen solutions

    ExxonMobil is evaluating opportunities to deploy these IoT solutions within a range of options to help the aviation industry decarbonise.

    “ExxonMobil offers integrated solutions to expand our carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen capabilities to support the decarbonization goals of our customers and biofuel partners,” said Siva Ariyapade, Global Bioenergy Business Director.

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