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What Are Online Photo Editors and How Do They Work?

In recent months, online photo editors have gained popularity.

Especially since Adobe, the world’s largest photo editing software company Fotor, switched to a subscription-based model a few years ago. Professionals have no qualms about paying a small monthly fee that they can easily pass on to their clients; amateurs, beginners, and casual shooters, on the other hand, feel the pinch.

Online photo editors and collage makers are ideal for not only amateur photographers, but they can also be used for school projects, as we saw in the previous discussion.

Furthermore, they are ideal for a variety of home projects such as invitations, personal cards, and so on. These online photo editors and collage makers are, without a doubt, versatile.

The biggest advantage of these apps is that they have a much shorter learning curve. These online editors are simple, intuitive, and easy to use when compared to Photoshop and even Lightroom, which many photographers prefer to use.

That’s all there is to it. Let’s get right to it and learn more about Fotor.

Review of Fotor

Fotor is a photo editor and collage maker that works online as well as a desktop application that supports RAW conversion.

There are several different versions of Fotor. You have the option of using one of the online versions or downloading a desktop version and installing it on your computer for offline photo editing.

What Is Fotor and How Does It Work?

However, your decision will be based on how much functionality you require. The desktop version is ideal for RAW conversion support. For light JPEG editing tasks, however, the online version is preferable. In any case, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version because much of the app’s functionality will be restricted without it.

Editing, collaging, and designing

When you first open Fotor, you’ll be given three options to pick from: ‘Edit,’ which is clearly for picture editing and retouching, ‘Collage,’ which is for creating collages from your favorite photographs, and lastly ‘Design,’ which is for creating little designs for personal or school projects. Obviously, you can perform a lot more designing and project work using Collage and Design.


This is the most important choice for photographers. Opening your photographs in Fotor and doing some editing and retouching work is what editing is all about.

To open a picture in Fotor, go to the home page and select ‘Edit.’ The editor will pop up. If you’re using Fotor for the first time, a dialogue box titled “Add Photo First” will appear at the top. Select Computer, Fotor Cloud, Dropbox, or Facebook as the Source and continue with the upload procedure.

There is no support for RAW files (for online version)

There is no option to upload a RAW image or convert one after uploading, like there is in PicMonkey. That is, I am referring to the online version. RAW conversion is supported in the offline / desktop version.

So, if you’re searching for a RAW conversion option to Photoshop or Lightroom, you’ll need the desktop edition of Fotor rather than the online one. You’ll need the Fotor Pro version in particular. The Fotor Pro monthly membership is a fraction of the cost of the Adobe Photographer’s Suite, which contains both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Some of our readers will undoubtedly claim that Photoshop is far superior to Fotor. That is correct, and if this were a feature comparison, that would also be the winning argument. You pay for things you’ll only use once in a while, and this program has a steeper learning curve. So why pay extra for things you’ll never use and that are more difficult to learn?

To summarize, if you’re searching for a lightweight JPEG editor that can handle basic editing jobs as well as assist you finish your photographs, the online edition of Fotor is a great choice.

Image Preparation

All of the tools are located in the application’s left side. The ‘Crop’, ‘Magic Clipper’, ‘Rotate’, and the all-important ‘Fine-tune’ tools, as well as the ‘Basic’ tool, are among them.


The fundamental adjustment choices are found in the ‘Basic’ tool. Changes to Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and, of course, Sharpness are among them.

As I make my way through this image, I don’t want to modify the brightness too much since the exposure and how much I want to reveal the critical features are just about correct straight from the camera. I don’t want to disclose too much of the backdrop, which is why I keep the brightness at a reasonable level. On second thinking, I’ll reduce it to a little negative figure.

However, I reduce the saturation. Take it all the way down. After all, this is going to be a black-and-white photograph. In keeping with what I did in PicMonkey and how the photo was initially modified in Lightroom. Of course, this is a JPEG picture.

Fotr Basic option 2022.PNG
Fotr Basic option 2022.PNG

The sharpness is another parameter that I would improve. The sharpness of the image determines how noticeable the details will be. The camera applies some sharpness to the original JPEG image. In Fotor, I tweaked it a little and added some sharpness.

Please keep in mind that it’s easy to go crazy with the sharpness. As a result, it’s critical that you limit things to a bare minimum. It’s true that a little goes a long way.

Fine-tune your exposure by adjusting the exposure.

Fine-tune is where you’ll find the other crucial options like Exposure, Highlights, and Shadows. I just make minor adjustments to each of them here. This is because I got it pretty much how I wanted it in-camera and didn’t need to adjust the exposure or anything. I will, however, experiment with the highlights slider. Bring it down a notch so that the brilliant accents on the old lady’s face are less prominent.

Because of the high altitude and exposure to high amounts of UV, her face seems tanned in the color photograph. As a result, lowering the highlights tends to match the color image’s tone.

fine tune fotor 2022
fine tune fotor 2022


Temperature and Tint are two aspects of color. These would be handy for adjusting the image’s white balance and tint if they were off. I leave them alone in this scenario since I don’t need them. It will impart some color cast if you drag the sliders even after reducing the Saturation all the way down. Tint is, in any event, a highly ‘hazardous’ tool to play with. Even when altering color photographs, it’s best not to go overboard.

color temp fotor 2022
color temp fotor 2022

1-Tap Enhance

Fotor has a great function that allows you to do this. It is beneficial to perform a quick ‘enhancement’ of your photographs. Consider this to be your quick-response mode. The outcomes may not always be ideal. You may choose whether or not to utilize this feature. I think it’s a little excessive. However, this is only a personal viewpoint.

In any case, here’s a comparison of the two photographs side by side. The 1-Tap Enhancement is on the left, while the ‘unprocessed’ JPEG is on the right. The 1-Tap enhancement produces an odd color reproduction, as you can see. It does not appeal to me in the least. You may easily rearrange the furniture and make minor alterations. However, I would start from the beginning and use the manual editing choices.

1-tap enhancement fotor 2022
1-tap enhancement fotor 2022


This is a tool that I don’t use very often. However, I imagine that some people might find it intriguing to vignette their photographs.


The option to resize a picture allows you to adjust its proportions. By entering particular values, you may crop and adjust the file size. Alternatively, you may change the picture size by entering a percentage.


The Effect Panel is located beneath the Basic Panel. The effect is hidden within a slew of possibilities. These are essentially a collection of pre-made effects that you can apply to an image with a single click of a button. Let’s assume you want to create a Classic Toy, a Smudge, or a Warm Winter appearance. You may choose from over a hundred distinct effects that are pre-installed with the program. There are also a number of black-and-white tools to test out.

Tilt-shift, Lens Flare, and Pixelate are some of the more fascinating effects that may be found if you dig a little further. However, many of these may only be saved if you join up for a premium membership.


Fotor, like PicMonkey, has a full beauty / enhancement feature. This tool has a number of choices behind it. Blemish Fix, Smoothing Skin), Wrinkle Remover, Blush, and so on are examples. You can also use special equipment for your eyes and lips.


Frames are just what their name implies: they are frames. They allow you to put a lovely frame around the image of your choosing. There are almost a hundred options to choose from.

Panel on the top

The top panel has a collection of useful picture management tools. The Open option has previously been demonstrated. It’s self-explanatory what the Undo button does. It essentially means undoing the previous modification you made. Redo has the opposite effect. The original is a little risky. It’s not the same as pressing the ‘/’ key on the keyboard. By using the ‘Original’ button, you will undo all of your previous adjustments. Of course, you can immediately undo it by pressing the ‘Undo’ button.

You can save a snapshot of the picture you’re working on with Snapshot. To utilize Snapshot and the other capabilities included with Snapshot, you must be logged in. Simply click Snapshot while editing to save the image to the Fotor cloud.

Your image files are stored in the Fotor Cloud. You may view your photographs from anywhere after you’ve logged in. By selecting Cloud, you may view your photographs immediately in the Fotor Cloud.

Another benefit of Fotor Cloud is that you can use it to create a collage out of your photos. Of course, utilizing the Collage option opens up a slew of other editing possibilities, such as adding text and other decorations.


The save option is used to save the final altered image for download. Before selecting the ‘Download’ button, you have the opportunity to change the file name and image quality.

Images in High Dynamic Range

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, refers to a picture editing technique in which two or more photographs with the same composition but varied exposure settings are combined together. The goal is to employ the ‘right’ exposure for each of the key exposure zones ā€” highlights, mid-tones, and shadows ā€“ from the numerous exposures to create a correctly exposed image in the end.

Photoshop and Lightroom both have built-in features to help you achieve this. Of course, you may use these programs to perform the same thing manually. This is normally not available in online picture editors. Fotor, on the other hand, is an outlier.

At the bottom of the list, you’ll find the HDR option. It opens a new tab / window when you click it. You’re given a brief explanation about HDR (which is a great touch) as well as the opportunity to submit the photographs. However, you are only allowed to post a maximum of three photographs.

There are also three predefined options. ‘Structure,’ ‘Soft,’ and ‘Intense’ are a few examples. Choose the best choice for the image type you’ve got. There are various possibilities to adjust the final image under these three selections. The HDR effect’s strength can be adjusted. It’s more of a ‘tap to modify’ situation here. This is a good addition since it allows you to select the one that you think is most appropriate without having to slide through the many possibilities.

Alternatively, if you prefer the manual approach, you may fine-tune the image’s brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness after applying the desired effect.

When you’re satisfied, just click ‘Save’ to save a copy of the image to your computer. Please note that in order to save or download the final image, you must first sign in.

Fotor is a mobile application.

Fotor’s mobile app is a complement to the company’s internet and desktop offerings. Fotor, like any other third-party picture editing program, has a plethora of creative choices. Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, shadow, and highlight are among the fundamental editing settings. Curves, on the other hand, is a feature that I really like.

Curves allows you to deal with the R, G, and B channels separately or all three simultaneously. This makes it easier for me to adjust the highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. It’s a lot simpler to push and drag the exposure over the image now.
The focus adjustment was another item I loved fiddling with. Changing the depth of field and applying a selective focusing effect to your photographs is what this is all about. Works well in wide-angle shots of streets, urban landscapes, and other similar compositions, but not in most other cases.

For someone seeking for a simple collage builder for school assignments or the occasional printout for the album / wall, the app’s options for altering photographs and making collages will come in handy.

Overall Thoughts on the Application and Interface

Fotor is unquestionably a fantastic online picture editor. Needless to say, the interface is simple to use, and the overall appearance and feel are excellent.

While its Basic and Fine Tune options are the most important modification areas, Fotor main advantage over PicMonkey is the Effect Panel. There are almost a hundred ready-made options in the Effect panel. These give your photographs a distinctive appearance and feel that you won’t find on PicMonkey.

The Effect panel is a fantastic approach to give your photographs a very particular look and feel if you’re searching for a filter-like effect similar to what you’d find in Lightroom, but in a less daunting interface.

  • Filters and effects that are smart
  • RAW file conversion and easy picture collage tool
  • It isn’t as feature-rich as GIMP.
  • Not appropriate for generating original artwork.

Fotor’s one-click filters are the easiest method to make your images seem their best if you have a collection of photos that need a little additional shine. It’s not a full-fledged Photoshop replacement, but it’s incredibly user-friendly and free.

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