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On this World Music Day, Firstpost spoke to some famous musicians about how technology is changing the way music is made and consumed.

There is no feeling like the sound of our favorite music that takes us out of depression and makes a terrible day a beautiful day. However, like any other industry, the music world has also undergone a revolution with technology taking center stage. AI authors, holographic artists, simplified broadcasting, VR music videos, and pay-to-play have provided new ways and media for artists to connect with their audience.

Indian songwriter and national award winner, Swanand Kirkire, says technology has impacted the music industry in a big way. He told Firstpost, “With the change in technology, many good things have also appeared in music, for example, good sounds have appeared, and making music has become very easy,” and noted that yes, it was the magic of sitting together and composing music.

“Making music has become an isolated process. Previously everyone would sit together and compose music but having said that, things change over time. We have to understand and see how technology has eased the process of making music.”

Singer Sona Mohapatra is excited about the release of her new documentary, Shut Up Sona on ZEE5, which chronicles her journey not only as a woman standing up for her rights but also as an artist who simply wants to sing without a mask. Technology has democratized the process of creativity and production.

“This has liberated artists, content creators and record companies in small towns and regional music has taken the most out of it,” she told Firstpost.

However, for her, the downside is that “for new artists and those who don’t want to pay out of their nose for a promotion, their discovery process has become more difficult than before.”

“Music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music do their job by promoting playlists featuring independent artists, but the trend remains eyes and ears,” she said.

Famous singer Aastha Gill who has performed with popular songs like “Buzz”, “Naagin” and “DJ Wale Babu”, has now teamed up with rapper Bali on her next dance track “Balma” which will be released by Warner Music India soon, says with innovations Come the pros and cons.

“Everything is more accessible now, the playing field for musicians and artists is bigger. Also, a lot of samples are created digitally and this is how the sound evolves and we hear new sounds every 6 or 3 months,” she told Firstpost.

Having said that, she says that the authenticity of Indian cultural music has deteriorated a bit because of this innovation. She added, “A lot of musicians and artists have become dependent on this technology, which is not good, and the originality has declined.”

For Delhi-based rapper and music producer Bali, technology has helped the music reach a wider audience but with that, the lifespan of each track has been significantly reduced.

Some agree that the introduction of technology into the music industry has given a platform to many local artists who have been searching for the right platforms.

“Currently, music and art are so close at hand that they can travel easily, and then the experiments take place. Now you have a choice among the indie pop singer King, whose debut track in 2015 recorded over 120 million podcasts,” said the Indian pop singer, who in 2015 recorded over 120 million podcasts. So many artists you can support.”

“There was a time when making music was expensive and there was a completely different counterpart to that but now everything is digital so yes it is good for aspiring artists looking for platforms,” he said.

The same is true for the members of the band Dream Note – singer-songwriter Gaurav Tiwari, producer and guitarist Taresh Agarwal.

“The good part is that you can listen to music anytime and anywhere, there have been a lot of advancements in terms of hearing devices from Bluetooth speakers to earbuds etc, making the music listening experience better with each passing day. Same with music creation, you can now explore a wide range of audio tracks with these plug-ins, software, and even tools, giving the creator ample room to experiment.”

The duo also feel that a lot of artists are doing concerts online, on social media, or on purpose-built platforms, and then there’s VR, the Metaverse, a whole new world of endless possibilities.

Poet and singer-songwriter Chinmayi Tripathi says technology has changed the way music is produced nowadays but with some flaws.

“It is not only about using new types of techno sounds but also regardless of what live instruments were previously used in music be it sarangi, sitar, violin or saxophone can now be replaced by technology. You can use the same samples and produce the same type of sound without involving any Live musicians, so the only drawback I can say is that live music has completely gone out of the scene and has affected the bread and butter of many artists because of technology,” she told Firstpost.

But she said that with every revolution something bad happens.

“The good thing is that music production has become superior in quality and the kind of sounds we have today have enriched the music scene,” she said.

Finally, singer and guitarist Vishal Sommer previously said that it used to take several months to a year to come up with and record a song with an orchestra of musicians playing a live instrument, but now with digital advances, a song can be recorded in a matter of days.

“The duration has shrunk dramatically,” he said, adding that as a result, many musicians have lost their jobs as most music from instruments is now created digitally.

However, he points out that technology has also opened up a lot of new avenues in music, and more genres have been created, so it becomes very important for music creators to find the right balance.

He sums up: “There is a fine line between a song that conveys ‘music to your ears’ and ‘just noise’.”

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