Insights on the Energy-Based Therapeutics Global Market to 2027 – by Technology Type, Clinical Application, End-user and Region –

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The global energy-based therapeutic market size was US$ 6.6 billion in 2021. Looking ahead, the publisher expects the market to reach US$ 9.71 billion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.4% during 2022-2027.

mentioned companies

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Lumens

  • cineron medical

  • Abbott Opticals

  • Universe

  • Alna Medical System

  • vascular dynamics

  • Atricor

  • beolas

Taking into account the uncertainties related to COVID-19, they are continuously tracking and evaluating the direct and indirect impact of the pandemic on different end-use sectors. These ideas are included in the report as a major contributor to the market

Energy-based therapies are used to modify or destroy tissues with the help of techniques such as microwave, heat, hydromechanical, radiofrequency, cryotherapy, and ultrasound. On the basis of clinical applications, these treatments are divided into general surgery, ophthalmic surgery, and plastic surgery.

General surgeries include lithotripsy, gynecology, ENT microsurgery, and cardiovascular surgery. Eye surgeries are often performed for diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. Cosmetic surgeries can be invasive and non-surgical in nature and help reduce scarring, acne, sun damage, pigmentation, redness, and vascular lesions.

Breakthroughs in the field of aesthetic medicine have led to an increased adoption of energy-based cosmetic surgeries, especially anti-aging treatments. Besides, there has been a shift from invasive cosmetic procedures to non-invasive cosmetic procedures globally, due to the cost and effectiveness of these treatments.

Likewise, the growing popularity of minimally invasive surgeries for the treatment of diseases such as arrhythmias and cancer tumors, along with the benefits associated with these procedures such as reduced complications, is creating a positive outlook for the global energy-based treatment market.

Apart from this, the growing trend of physician-owned ambulatory surgical centers, also known as ASCs, is another major factor driving the growth of the market. Since most energy-based therapeutic procedures do not require a hospital stay, surgeons around the world have begun performing these treatments in their own clinics.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • How has the global energy-based therapies market performed so far and how will it perform in the coming years?

  • What are the key regional markets in the global energy-based pharmaceutical industry?

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the global Energy Based Therapeutics industry?

  • What is the market breakdown based on technology type?

  • What is the market breakdown based on clinical application?

  • What is market breakup based on end user?

  • What are the different stages in the value chain of the global Energy Based Therapeutics industry?

  • What are the key factors and challenges driving the global Energy Based Therapeutics industry?

  • What is the structure of the global energy-based pharmaceutical industry and who are the major players?

  • What is the degree of competition in the global Energy Based Pharmaceutical industry?

Main topics covered:

1 Introduction

2 Scope and methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Introduction

4.1 Overview

4.2 Key industry trends

5 Global Energy Based Pharmaceutical Market

5.1 Market Overview

5.2 Market Performance

5.3 Impact of COVID-19

5.4 Market segmentation by technology type

5.5 Market Breakdown by Clinical Application

5.6 Market Breakdown by End User

5.7 Market segmentation by region

5.8 Market Outlook

6 Market segmentation by technology type

7 Market Breakdown by Clinical Application

8 Market disintegration by the end user

9 Market segmentation by region

10 Global Energy Based Pharmaceutical Industry: SWOT Analysis

11 Global Energy-Based Pharmaceutical Industry: Value Chain Analysis

12 Global Energy-Based Pharmaceutical Industry: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

13 Global Energy Based Pharmaceutical Industry: Price Analysis

14 Competitive Scene

14.1 Market Structure

14.2 The main players

14.3 Features of the main players

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