Jimmer Fredette headlines 15 Utah ties playing in The Basketball Tournament

Former BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette returns to the basketball court to take home a $1 million prize at this summer’s basketball tournament.

So, too, a total of 15 Utah League ties will be playing in this year’s edition of the singles elimination event, the winner taking all that heads into its ninth season.

The 64-team TBT Stadium was revealed this year and features 71 experienced NBA players, according to ESPN, including six former Utah Jazz players.

The 33-year-old has joined The Money Team, the top seed in the Dayton area, and Fredt’s brother, T.J., will serve as the team’s general manager.

“I’m going to go out and play again and have fun,” Fredette told ESPN. “My brother is part of assembling the team. It must be very fun to get back on the court again and play competitive basketball.”

Fredette will have some familiar company on The Money Team, with Jazzmen Trevor Booker and Jeremy Evans as TBT teammates.

In addition to the six former Utah Jazz players, there are four former BYU players, two from the University of Utah and one each from Weber State, Southern Utah and USU Eastern playing in the 2022 tournament.

Fredette played Shanghai Sharks in 2021 before taking the winter and spring to spend time with the family, according to ESPN.

He played in the Basketball Tournament in 2018, and helped Fredette’s team advance to the semi-finals that year.

It’s always great,” he told ESPN. “At this point, it’s just about trying to win. Just doing whatever it takes to get ahead. I was lucky the last time I had a really great tournament, to be the top scorer. That’s great, but it’s about staying and going. It’s about trying to win these games.” And go ahead. Go towards that million.”

Utah plays in the basketball tournament

Stillwater stars

  • Brandon Everett, BYU guard.
  • Jace Johnson, University of Utah Center.

Lone Star Legends

  • Frank Bartley, BYU guard.

Team overtime

  • Malcolm Thomas, Utah Jazz forward.

money team

  • Trevor Booker, Utah Jazz forward.
  • Jeremy Evans, Utah Jazz forward.
  • Jimer Fredette, BYU guard.

Athletics Miami

  • Jacob Calloway, striker for Southern Utah.

red dread

  • Costa Kovos, Utah Jazz Center.

Sideline Cancer

  • CJ Miles, Utah Jazz striker.

defeat diabetes

  • Zach Silgas, BYU and Bountiful High forward.


  • Darrington Hobson, US East forward.
  • Scott Bamforth, Webber State Guard.

Los Angeles cheaters

  • Cedric Barfield, University of Utah guard.

Friday Beers

  • Jarrell Brantley, Utah Jazz forward.

First round matches of TBT games featuring Utah ties

Full TBT arc

Wichita Regional

  • No. 4 Stillwaters Stars vs. No. 5 Air Raiders, July 22.
  • No. 6 Lone Star Legends vs. No. 3 Purple & Black, July 22.

Regional Omaha

  • No. 6 Overtime Team vs. No. 3 Omaha Blue Crew, July 16.

Dayton Regional

  • No. 1 Team Money vs No. 8 Athletics Miami, Jul 24.
  • No. 3 Red Sea vs No. 6 City Team, July 24.

Regional Xavier

  • No. 2 Sideline Cancer vs. No. 7 Defeating Diabetes, Jul 18.

Regional New Mexico

  • No. 4 Magic vs No. 5 Panamanac, July 18.
  • No. 3 at Los Angeles Cheaters Match No. 6 Ram Up, July 18.

Syracuse Regional

  • No. 3 Friday Beers vs. No. 6 Mental Durability, Jul 22.

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