Lily Hosmer, girls soccer player of the year

June 22 – Lilly Hosmer is the girls’ soccer player of the year at The News Courier of Athens-Limestone after the 2022 season where she was the top scorer for the East Limestone team that reached the state championship.

Hosmer and Ms. Indians of East Limestone set school records all season on their way to the 4A/5A game for the state title.

Hosmer, who is very young, was also recently invited to participate in the North vs. South All-Star, one of the best shows in the state for Alabama’s premium football players rising from their seniors.

The News Courier interviewed Hosmer and its football coach, Max Norman, about Hosmer’s impact on the programme, what last season has meant to them personally and how women’s football has evolved.

Lily Hosmer

Q: How does it feel to be a senior and know that your team has a chance of winning the title?

A: I’m really excited for next season because I know we have a good chance of winning it if we work hard enough, but it won’t be easy by any means. I know most people don’t get a chance to get this far, so just getting the chance is amazing on its own, but I can’t think of any other way to end my football career in the East other than coming home with a blue map. This is something I really hope to achieve next season, and I’m sure all my teammates feel the same way. I really believe we can do that.

Q: How has women’s football developed during your life, both locally and nationally?

A: I think women’s football has always been in the shadow of other women’s sports because it’s not as popular, especially in the South, where you have other sports that people like to watch. But, given the success we’ve had this season, we gradually started noticing that our crowds in the stands were growing at every game, until we had a student section for a game. It was great knowing that our classmates cared enough to come out and support us and help us get to the championship match. They were there in every game from the first round of playoffs to the championship match. Hopefully next year we’ll have big fans again because it made us want to play even better knowing we had a lot of people watching.

I know the women’s national team just won the equal pay claim, and it shows that they are finally getting the same respect as the men’s team because of their success, fan growth and support.

I hope it continues to grow both locally and nationally because it really is a great sport and deserves recognition.

Q: Is there any particular athlete you are looking forward to?

A: I don’t think I have a particular player to look forward to, but I love watching Alex Morgan play because she plays the same position as me, and it’s interesting to see how she plays it differently than I do. I love learning from her. I just enjoy watching anyone play in the same situation as me and learn from them.

I also really love keeping up with the Auburn football team too, and I love watching them play. I went to their camp when I was younger and have loved watching this team ever since.

Q: What do you enjoy in football?

A: I love how it takes so many people to achieve one goal, and I love how everyone can be good in their own way and work together to make a team. I love how you can be aggressive and take people to win a challenge and not get in trouble to beat them (most of the time). I love how everyone has an equal chance of winning every game, no matter how good either team is. With soccer, if you get the ball into the net and don’t let the other team score goals, you can win the match no matter how good the other team is. No one person can win it for his team.

Max Norman

Norman wrote a statement on Hosmer.

“Having Lily on our team has been a blessing for two main reasons. Lily is clearly a talented footballer, but the biggest blessing comes from her ability to push everyone around her to be better. She pushes herself to be the best and pushes everyone around her, myself included, to be At our best.”

Hosmer is the third profile of 22 athletes featured in The News Courier for winning the Most Valuable Player award in their particular sport.

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