Meet the Black Mom Whose Bilingual Books Are Changing the World

“Our kids are geniuses trying to function in a society that doesn’t fully understand how smart their minds really are,” Santiago said in a Facebook post. After reading books, Awakening the natural genius of black children by Amos Wilson and A mistake in teaching the nigger By Carter G Woodson Realize how important it is to find solutions that can help black children successfully develop their minds towards multilingualism.

Santiago began connecting with families on social media, and even ventured into her community to connect with doctors, farmers, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, authors, chefs, teachers, radio hosts, artists, comedians, and many more that could appear on a page in her book describing their profession in another language. Which in return will be free advertising worldwide and our children will be able to see and experience the greatness that the black community has to offer. “If there is a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, you must write it,” Toni Morrison. Ms Santiago wrote in the Twitter Post which she referred to as one of her inspirations.

“My job is to provide our children with the necessary educational materials for them to start learning multiple languages,” Santiago said during an interview with Sandra Wilson, CEO of Black Connections LLC who also appeared in Mandarin Chinese. Santiago has committed itself to creating a series called Our colorful multilingual adventures Which will consist of more than 10 bilingual books for beginners and beginners in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Swahili, Multilingual Numbers, Multilingual Colors, Arabic, African Languages, Selected Indigenous Languages, Russian, Portuguese and many more.

“I have accepted the responsibility of using my talents and talents to help empower our children through multilingualism. Their minds are our greatest assets,” Santiago said on LinkedIn.

Comedian Godfrey, Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo (journalist and cultural advisor to the film incanto), Sonia Sanchez (American poet), Dante Lee (Marketing Genius and PR Mastermind), Natosha Clemons (Fire Chef), and Dominique Saatenang (Martial Artist) are just a few of the names featured in these amazing books.

The Santiago family’s first bilingual books are still sold on Amazon and are on display at the Public Library in Euclid, Ohio.

Over the past five years, Santiago has helped her children learn the basics of more than 10 different languages ​​that she taught herself through YouTube videos and books from the library. Her passion for multilingualism also influenced her children to create a YouTube channel called Multilingual Stars Homeschool, which consists of more than 30 videos that show how easy and fun it is to learn different languages.

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