Newton’s Schwenker to play college soccer at Central – Newton Daily News

Breyton Schwenker started two full seasons on the defensive backcourt for the Boys Newton football team.

He also started half of the games he played as a freshman and assisted the Cardinal’s defense averaging 6.33 closings per season in 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Playing an important role on Newton’s path to the state boys’ soccer championship last spring helped propel him to the next level as he will play at Central College in the fall.

“He has good leadership abilities. You can’t teach kids these things,” Newton Boys football coach Zach Jensen said of his defensive captain. “He is aggressive. He will go and win the ball for you. That’s what I love the most about it.”

Jensen is also an assistant coach at Central College. Jensen played en masse there by himself.

So he knows what Schwenker has to do to succeed at this level.

“He’s got the physical strength. He’s been in the weight room. He’s got to work on the speed of the college game and the reaction and figuring out where we have to go with that.”

Schwenker said he chose Central College over Buena Vista. He said Jensen didn’t push him to Central but that it was easier to pick the school because he played his three high school seasons for him.

He would be joined by Schwenker at Central College by fellow Cardinal Derek Benner, but that did not affect his decision.

“The money and the team I wanted to play for were the reason I chose Central,” Schwenker said. “It would be nice to have Derek, but that wasn’t factored into my decision.

“Coach Jensen didn’t push me too hard for Central. He wants to be the right choice for me and the right fit.”

Schwenker played in 16 games and started eight of them as a freshman. This defense was part of six victories.

As a junior, Schwenker started all 17 matches he played and scored one goal. He was part of eight female wrestlers.

Last season, the Cardinals scored six eliminations and Schwenker started 20 games on the defensive backcourt.

Jensen assumes that Central’s coaching staff will play Schwenker in defense. But they also like to throw physical players up front in stationary plays, too.

“I definitely need to increase my stamina,” Schwenker said. “This is the lowest point in my game. I need to make faster decisions with the ball as well.”

Schwenker is hesitant about a major.

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