Panthers hire Goodwin as new basketball coach – The Clanton Advertiser

Panthers hire Goodwin as new basketball coach – The Clanton Advertiser

Christian Goodwin has been announced as the new men’s basketball coach at Jameson High School. (Christian Goodwin | Contribution)

By Carrie Reader | crew clerk

Jameson High School has its new man at the helm of the men’s basketball program after signing Christian Goodwin.

Goodwin comes from college basketball coaching classes at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, and said he’s happy to be back in the state he grew up in.

“I spent this past year out of Alabama, and it didn’t take my wife and I nine to 10 months to figure out this was at home,” Goodwin said. “We are excited to be back at 205.”

Goodwin was born and raised in Silverhill in Baldwin County which he describes as “one kind of light city”.

Goodwin said he jokes from Silverhill that coming to Jameson feels like New York City because it has three times the population.

While helping him as an assistant coach at Union, Goodwin and his wife Rebekah knew they wanted to go back to Alabama and bring him back to high school training. Goodwin did not play in college, which sparked his deep interest in coaching both high school and college. Goodwin was part of the Union’s most winning season in program history and helped lead them to a berth in the Round of 32 in the NCAA Championship.

“That was the dream (training at the union),” Goodwin said. “I learned a lot from this program and am very grateful for that, but we knew we wanted to go back to the high school level.”

Goodwin began his coaching career at the high school level in 2018.

Goodwin, a University of Alabama graduate in 2021, calls Tuscaloosa home as well and wants to get back as close to the area as possible. He started putting his name out there and got a Zoom interview with Jameson and director Kendall Jackson. Goodwin said the vision the two had was very similar.

“I really liked her message and where she wants to take on not just the sports programs, but the school as a whole,” said Goodwin. “We kept calling, and we were on the same page with both our visions of this place.”

A personal interview was later scheduled with Goodwin. Jackson said his first highlight is Goodwin’s experience at both high school and college level, and then his philosophy for the program.

“Player development, having someone who understands what that takes is what we see on paper,” Jackson said. “He will come and push the kids. He knows what our record is, he knows where we are and our opportunities to grow in the program. He has been passionate about tackling these issues, but this shared approach and vision are very important.”

Goodwin addressed the players and parents at a welcome meeting at the Jameson Hall on June 21. He gave a brief overview of his expectations for the program and his training background.

“I think my big message is that basketball is a game that I coach…but what I do is coach the guys, and that’s absolutely what I love,” Goodwin said before the meeting. “The relationships that I build with the players, the community and the school, I think the relational side of things sets me apart.”

Goodwin’s coaching career began almost immediately after he graduated from Central Christian School in Robertsdale in 2016. In July 2018, coach Goodwin who played under Central Christian moved into the program and hired the 20-year-old coach. Goodwin was the youngest coach in Alabama.

“I like to tell people that I don’t think there’s ever been a 19-year-old head coach in the state,” said Goodwin. “I didn’t have a full time assistant, and it was tough. I knew it was a year of rebuilding and it wouldn’t be long term, but it was a great experience and I am very happy with my time there.”

While in college in Alabama, Goodwin was able to work with basketball program and head coach Nate Oats. He then became an assistant coach and head coach for the junior teams at the American Christian Academy in Tuscaloosa in 2019. Goodwin spent two seasons there and helped the ACA reach 16th place for the first time in the Class 4A competition before joining Union League.

“What I want to come[to Jameson]and establish is just consistency and stability,” Goodwin said. “That is the big thing for me. I will be the same person every day of the week, I will bring in a lot of energy and I think my players will absorb that. On the field, we will compete and work hard every day.”

Goodwin met with players and parents after the June 21 meeting and distributed summer training schedules.

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