Portsmouth, Ohio Library Promotes Kids Books About Masturbation In Pride Display

The Portsmouth Public Library promoted books with content about masturbation and contraception in its LGBTQ Pride show located in the children’s section of the library’s main branch, according to a report by Scioto County Daily News.

One of these books The Everybody Book: The Comprehensive LGBTQ+ Kids’ Guide to Sex, Gender, Bodies, and Families by Rachel E. Simon. The book includes “a discussion of sexual intercourse (heterosexual and gay sex), masturbation, sexting, gender pronouns, and contraception,” according to the Scioto County Daily News.

“Masturbating, or touching your genitals for pleasure, is completely normal for people to do in private,” Simon writes. “It’s normal if you want to masturbate.” The book is recommended for children ages 8 to 12, according to the back cover. (Related: Institutional media wonder why conservatives are so concerned about ‘Groomers’)

Every body book Also contains illustrations of contraceptive methods, including internal and external condoms, implants, IUDs, and birth control pills. The book also contains a discussion of oral and anal sex.

Another book on display at the Portsmouth Library is Written by Megan Madison, Jessica Raleigh, and Ann/Andy Basher. The book is recommended for children ages 2-5, according to the Scioto Scioto County Daily News, and contains a discussion of gender identity and pronouns. One illustration depicts a girl identifying herself as a transgender woman.

“Being You: The First Conversation About Gender” shows child identifying as transgender, recommended for ages 2-5

Scioto County Commissioner Brian Davis told the caller that several community members were “panicked” by the books included in the screen, and he’s working to fix the problem. “Since we heard about it last week, we’ve started asking questions. Davis added that 4 of the seven seats on the library board are assigned by the district. “This library system is backed by public dollars, and many of those dollars are local public dollars.”

Davis said there must be a balance between allowing freedom of information in public libraries and protecting children from explicit or harmful content. “I think the library should be comprehensive on different subjects, but in this case what we’re talking about are books that are harmful to children.” (Related: KINNETT: “Grooming” is a perfect word to describe what’s going on in the classroom in America)

Davis told the caller that he and several concerned community members were planning to attend the library’s board meeting on Tuesday, which is open to the public. “Since we heard about it last week, we’ve started asking questions… to find out exactly what happened.” Davis said he reached out to the chairman but did not receive a response.We’d like to hear from the director. “We would like to hear their opinion regarding this matter and give them a fair opportunity to explain to the public,” Davis said.

The Caller reached out to Portsmouth Public Library Director Paige Williams for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

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