Resurfaced Photos of Warriors Stars and 30 Year Old Soccer Sensation Neymar Send NBA Fans in a Frenzy

Klay Thompson became a four-time champion upon his return to the NBA floor. The Golden State Warriors have not been in a place to compete for the past two years. However, with the return of the main shooter, the Splash Brothers resumed actions where they left off.

Thompson played an important role in being a secondary scorer against the Boston Celtics. He has had an inspiring journey back from injuries to winning the NBA title. Likewise, all his friends were delighted with the sure win, including football star Neymar.


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When it comes to the football field, Neymar is arguably one of the best players out there. The Brazilian set the football world on fire with his crazy skills and deceptions. However, the past few seasons have been a tough time for Neymar.

Like Clay, the PSG star has dealt with his fair share of injuries. This greatly affected his standing as a top player. But now, Neymar is healthy and ready to play on the international stage for Brazil in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Being Clay’s longtime friend, Neymar had to show his love for the bowler by raising another trophy. Similarly, Tompson shared a photo of the duo with Jordan Poole that made fans go crazy.

Neymar shows his support for Klay Thompson and the Warriors

Clay and Neymar have been friends since 2016. At that time, both of them were just emerging in their athletics. But now things are much different. After a grueling journey to his fourth championship, Clay isn’t letting the festivities go away any time soon. He took along Jordan Bull to continue celebrating their victory. And a special guest appeared in the form of Neymar to join the party.

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Clay reminded fans of his longstanding friendship with football’s most expensive player. He shared a photo of the duo from everywhere in 2016 and even wrote, “A1 from day one”. Both stars share tremendous love and respect for each other, and Neymar wanted to celebrate Thompson’s inspiring journey back to the top.


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Ahead of the NBA season, fans have been waiting in anticipation of any update on Klay Thomspon. The Warriors guard has been off the scene for the past two seasons. Suffering from back-to-back injuries, the path was not at all easy for him to come back. However, Chase Center became one of the loudest places on the night of January 9th.

The charged Clay took to the hardwood again. Moreover, he immediately changed the Warriors into contenders and the Gulf did not disappoint them.

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Just like Clay, Neymar has a chance to return to the top in the upcoming FIFA World Cup Finals. The soccer star lags behind Pele in terms of goals only for his mom, and he’s desperate to bring the trophy back home.

Do you think Neymar will lead Brazil to victory like Clay did with the Warriors? Let us know in the comments below.

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