Should the Warriors’ championship title have an asterisk?

Draymond Green Locked up his fourth career NBA title Golden Stateafter you topped the Warriors Boston Celtics In six games – but the win didn’t come without a few bumps in the road.

Skip Bayless broke a heated exchange between him and Green ahead of the Warriors’ eventual victory and why the 2022 NBA Finals — and the subsequent win for Golden State — deserved the star tag on the final episode of “The Skip Bayless Show.”

Before Match Six, Green Tell the media that the challenges the Celtics face are incomparable For those warriors’ most familiar and toughest foes: LeBron James.

“I thought he had unintentionally shot the Celtics just by telling the unfiltered, unfiltered truth: they don’t have LeBron,” Bayliss said. “I couldn’t believe Draymond said it. I loved it because I agreed to it, but I don’t think it was the smartest thing to say before the possible shutdown of Game 6 in Boston.

But Draymond said it, and it’s thanks to him that he supported her. He played his best match of those finals at Game 6 in Boston. He got out of it after, you remember, Game 3 and [Game] 4 When Boston fans chanted “F—you, Draymond. F—you, Draymond! Draymond seemed to be deeply moved by it and ultimately disoriented.

“I thought, prior to Game Six, that Draymond had been seriously outspoken about the Celtics. I thought they were flawed. I thought they were a scamming Finals team. I thought this tournament was actually – thanks to what Draymond said – worthy of an asterisk. Rogue enemy, won over A team he doesn’t really belong to [and] It should have been sweeping.”

Bayliss says the Warriors Championship win deserves an asterisk

Bayliss says the Warriors Championship win deserves an asterisk

Skip Bayless explains why this Golden State Warriors tournament deserves an asterisk, and it has everything to do with Draymond Green.

“But Draymond replied, ‘You don’t need to speak for me.’ Well, part of my job is trying to interpret what the stars are saying. And Draymond, I think you and I know I was right in what I said,” Bayliss continued.

“I like to think I’m part of the real media, Draymond, and some viewers, listeners, and fans actually need someone to call you about some of the awful things you say or do on the basketball court. [They need somebody to] In fact, swipe the way you play in Game 3 with six fouls and two points… you actually need to swipe all your cheap shots… all your… aliens on the field.

“Someone needs to contact you on that.”

The Celtics reached postseason after finishing the regular season with a score of 51-31, second in the East. Boston swept Brooklyn in the first round before making seven games in the Conference semifinals against Milwaukee and seven games again in the Conference Finals against Miami.

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