Sue Donohoe shaped women’s basketball nationwide

Sue Donohoe shaped women’s basketball nationwide

It’s been 35 years since the Louisiana Tech women’s basketball team won the first NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, and the 1982 team still doesn’t have any hardware to memorialize the history being made.

While working together at the NCAA, Sue Donohoe and Debbie Primeaux, who were part of Team 82, knew they deserved championship rings and were long overdue, and they’ve joked about it for years.

Donohoe was replaced as the NCAA basketball vice president when they finally got the championship rings, but Primo, now Williamson, knew Donohoe had a few final tricks up her sleeve and made the rings possible.

“I have no doubt that she played a role in this somewhere along the way,” Williamson said. part of that.”

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Donohoe helped shape the NCAA women’s basketball world during its formation. She played a key role in her development towards equality and equal opportunities for women in sport on and off the field. Despite the need for a strong and stable foundation to be able to fight on behalf of women everywhere, Donohoe was always happy to be around and kind to those around her.

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