Top 10 NFL wide receivers of 2022: Raiders’ Davante Adams, Vikings’ Justin Jefferson headline pass catchers

Quarters hold the headlines in the NFL, but if a center played a role in becoming the new hot topic in 2022, it was a widespread receiver. This off-season has seen a number of big-name teams change, and a handful of others have earned money with record contracts. And no wonder, given how important the #1 pass catcher is in today’s game.

But which of the NFL’s wide receivers are really the best going into 2022? We’re glad you asked, because we ranked them.

What exactly are our criteria for sorting the best out of the best? We tried to balance past productionAnd the current value And the a future vision. But at the end of the day, it might be easier to consider the following list which is our best answer to these two questions: Which WRs do we trust the most? And which WRs are the best for success this year? In close calls, we’ve tried to separate the WRs from their respective teams to consider their value; For example, if you switched AJ Brown and Allen Robinson, whose team would be better off?

Without further ado, the top ten:

10. A.J. Brown (Eagles)

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Seahawks’ DK Metcalf, the top variant here, gets all kinds of love for his quirky combination of size and super speed, but Brown has a similar profile with consistent production, if not more. Long-term hits are something to watch, and his numbers aren’t always flashy, but he’s a bona fide alpha bona fide, creating plays with all his mass, strength, and explosiveness. He’s also set for success as the New No. 1 for the Eagles, working alongside rising passing players like DeVonta Smith and Dallas Goedert.

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Allen has been doing it the right way for so long that it’s almost surprising that he’s only turned 30. A pure road runner who could be QB’s best friend, he’s logged no fewer than 100 catches and 1,100 yards in four of his last five seasons, and is ready to stay on top of a safety valve for Justin Herbert in a potentially big year for the Chargers. If Mike Williams is L.A.’s big-playing outlet, Allen has been the trusted master for half a decade and is one of the NFL’s most consistent targets.

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Deebo was fantastic before he exploded as the 49ers offensive player of the year in 2021, always bringing running vision and physicality to multiple roles at scale. Kyle Shanahan simply continued to feed him, either on the field or in the background, to spur his statistical appearance. In terms of bang for your buck, you won’t find many athletes who are better at his size (6-0, 215), and while it’s fair to wonder if he still dominates the stat sheet as a completely conventional receiver, he’s got way too fast to overlook it.

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Underrated annually, Evans “only” hit 1,500 yards once in his eight NFL seasons. But he never failed to make it into the top 1000, and has become more reliable in terms of catch rate since teaming up with Tom Brady. Size has always been on his side (6-5, 231), but he’s still moving smoothly at around 29, and he’s still starring as a deep-ball threat, averaging over 14 yards per catch for five consecutive seasons. Plug it into any combination, and you get a receiver that is, of course, almost always open.

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Perhaps no one listed here is under more pressure than “Cheetah,” now the highest-paid in the NFL after a surprise deal from Kansas City. His privileged position (5-10, 185) did not prevent him from having opponents in the big positions; Not only is he a super fast deep ball, but he’s not afraid to outsmart the guys in tight windows. But it’s not so crazy to wonder how his game, sans Patrick Mahomes, will translate into a dolphin attack that seems more geared toward short-zone concepts.

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After five years as the jubilant star in the WR Chamber of Vikings, Diggs has become a more complete target as the outlet of choice for Josh Allen. He simply does everything well. The velocity element is still there, making it a strong candidate for pull off Allen missile launches, but it really wins off the line and on breaks, mastering its ways and keeping its reliable hands. As he gets close to 30 inches, he may rely more on possession skills, but on a deep and explosive Buffalo attack, that’s not a bad thing.

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If Stefon Diggs makes road running sound cool, well, Kupp does the same, albeit frequently. Only injuries prevented him from emerging as the number one in Los Angeles earlier, as he quickly became the man of choice for Matthew Stafford in 2021. Durability is something to watch out for, given his large size and light build, but Cobb’s mastery of the mechanics should survive the wear and tear . It’s not the biggest, it’s not the fastest, it’s not the strongest. But it creates space and spins passes so easily.

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Big plays are the name of the game in the NFL today, and Chase wasted no time at all following in the footsteps of another LSU producer turned All-Pro (more on him below) as a rookie. Was it a little streaky at times? surely. But he was also the biggest reason QB Joe Burrow’s rise to MVP and Super Bowl. Its instant blast after picking is reminiscent of Odell Beckham Jr.’s heyday. And the only task with him is to get the ball in his hands, because he has the talent to do the rest.

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Its historical beginning is similar to that of Viking legend Randy Moss, and the comparison is not wild. In his two short years as Minnesota’s top target, he has not only replaced Stefon Diggs production but outperformed him as well. The #1 slender is the perfect contemporary widescreen – lightning fast in good hands, good height and good roads. Nothing against Kirk Cousins, but imagine if he played Patrick Mahomes too. It’s one of the safest bets to turn up the volume and highlight your reel.

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The Raiders may or may not have the offensive line and defensive depth to justify their deep playoff hopes, but it’s no wonder they paid to land Adams, and not just because he’s a friend of Derek Carr. The longtime Packers star has only played a full season twice in his eight-year career, but when he’s on the field (even if it’s a flop), he’s the complete package, averaging over 90 yards per game in three of his last four seasons. . It opens up on every level, has reliable hands and shows off the clutch. Any concern about his breakup with Aaron Rodgers should be moderate if his public and private chemistry with Carr indicates their future together.

Best of the rest

DK Metcalfe (Sea Hawks), Mike Williams (chargers), Chris Goodwin (pirate), DJ More (cheetahs), sir lamb (Cowboys) , T. Higgins (Bengals), Defonta Smith (the Eagles) , Amary Cooper (Brown), Terry McLaurin (leaders), Tyler Lockett (Sea Hawks), Jaylen Waddell (dolphins), Branden Chefs (Texas), Odell Beckham Jr. (free agent)

As you can see, we could easily have turned the top 10 into the top 20, because all of these guys are clear starting material. Metcalf He was closest to breaking into the top ten, as few receivers are physically imposing, although he will now have passes from QB(s) other than Russell Wilson. Goodwin He has top 10 abilities but he comes out of injury. mor It does, too, but remains tied to the average QB setup in Carolina. PregnancyAnd the HigginsAnd the SmithAnd the Maclaurin And the waddle She has different styles and skills but could easily become the next generation of perennial Pro Bowlers. cooks I somehow managed a Pro Bowl-caliber production despite flipping teams every two years, while Beckham A star’s talent remains when she is healthy and paired with other help.

next level

Allen Robinson (Ramez), Hunter Renfro (Raiders), Adam Tellin (Vikings), Tyler Boyd (Bengals), Deontay Johnson (Stillers), Michael Bateman Jr. (ponies), Amon-Ra Saint Brown (black) , Darnell Money (bear)

Here we have a mix of older or experienced tenure receivers, for example Robinson And the Thelinand young arrivals like Bateman And the Saint Brown. All of these receivers still have – or can spot – Pro Bowl talent, but they aren’t necessarily the first real targets at this point in their careers. Most of them, in fact, were or could be elite as options No. 2 or No. 3.


Calvin Ridley (hawk), DeAndre Hopkins (basics), Michael Thomas (saints)

All three have outstanding talents when healthy and motivated, but they are all major question marks for 2022. RidleyIn fact, it wouldn’t suit you at all, having served a year-long suspension for violating NFL gambling rules. But assuming he’s back in shape, for the Falcons or anyone else, he’s proven to be able to drive on his home ground. Hopkins He has long been one of the game’s best possession goals, bringing elite hands to Houston and Arizona, but he missed six games through injury in 2021 and will miss six more games this year due to suspension. Thomas, meanwhile, was removed three years from a 1,700-yard season as the Saints’ highly reliable top seed, but played all seven games in two years. Perhaps his run will dominate the road again, but first he must recover.

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