U.S. Soccer Announces Title Next Pledge As Part Of Federation’s Celebration Of 50-Year Anniversary Of Title IX

Chicago (23 June 2022) Celebrating the fiftieth anniversaryThe tenth Anniversary of the signing of Title IX Law, the legislation that revolutionized opportunities for women to participate in team sports And other school sports programsToday, United States Soccer announced its NEXT Pledge, committing to continuing its role as a driving force in women’s sports for the next 50 years.

The pledge is part of American football’s public celebration of the impact of the ninth title, which will include several events around the United States women’s national team games against Columbia on June 25 in Denver and June 28 in Sandy, Utah. US Soccer will honor the many USWNT alumni for their commitment to moving women’s sports forward with pre-game recognition on the field while USWNT will wear Title IX jerseys upon arrival at the stadium in Denver on Saturday.

The online celebration will continue with a series of nine tweets from the USWNT account focusing on Title IX’s impact on American football as well as a featured story focusing on how Title IX positively impacts the USWNT. In addition, US Soccer Insiders can enjoy 9x reward points for unlocking the official American Football app and watching today’s featured video with USWNT players thanking those who have gone before them while pledging to continue to advance women’s football and women’s sports. The video will also be shown in both matches and will be shown on social media To celebrate the role of USWNT in the 50 years since the ninth title came into existence.

In American football, landmark legislation played a key role in the development of the USWNT and US Women’s Youth National Team programs, laying the foundation for the world-renowned achievements of female athletes in the NFL.

On August 18, 1985, thirteen years after passing the ninth title, the USWNT played its first official international match at a tournament in Jesolo, Italy. Every woman on the roster in that game played collegiate football, which the NCAA only recognized three years earlier in 1982, 10 years after passing the ninth title.

Since the USWNT first launched 37 years ago, the team and its initiatives have embodied each of the 37 words in Title Nine. With the June 25 game against Colombia approaching, only 247 women had the honor of winning the US women’s national team cap as they became the world’s most successful sports team ever by winning percentage, with a record 551 wins. Women’s World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals. The United States also won three FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup titles.

The following address pledge states:

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversaryThe tenth Anniversary of signing Title Nine Act, enacting legislation that would ultimately positively impact women’s sports and inspiring female athletes in ways they would never have imagined, American football honors how far we’ve come, and pledges to be a driving force for what’s to come in 50 years coming. Here’s what’s next:

  • All women and girls will have Safe and positive environments for the sports they love.
  • Women and girls, regardless of socioeconomic status, race or gender identity, will have Equal access to sports and participation numbers will be equal to the participation numbers of men and boys.
  • All women’s sports will be well funded and attended in addition to their male sports counterparts.
  • At least 50% of the positions of general manager, head coach and C-wing in all sports organizations will be held by women.
  • Media coverage of women’s sports will equal media coverage of men’s sports, and the media will continue to change its narrative in the way it presents/speaks/sends women’s sports messages, focusing on athletes and competition.

US Soccer supports seven youth national teams at the U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, U-19, U-20 and U-23 tiers. Additionally, 4.6 million women and girls participate in soccer annually in the United States, ranging from the grassroots to the professional ranks of the NWSL. The federation is working to break down barriers to participation so that more women and girls of all backgrounds can enjoy the sport, including by increasing opportunities through expanded national teams, spanning the women’s national beach soccer team and the U.S. women’s national team.

Off the pitch, the #SheBelieves campaign, launched in the run-up to the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, has grown into a powerful message of empowerment and self-belief. Alongside the SheBelieves Cup, the campaign features career development, training opportunities, and community outreach for young girls and women.

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