Using Technology to Sell Your Home

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How to get it right

Sell ​​your home using technology to sell your home

With more people using technology in their daily lives, it makes sense to use it to sell your home. You can reach more people, which means more chance of getting an offer close to or matching your asking price. Here are some ways to make the most of technology to sell your home.

Work with Compass Agent

By choosing a real estate broker like Compass Real Estate, you will work with an experienced agent to sell your home at the best price. Their agents work on a freelance basis, and earn a commission, so they want to make a sale as much as you do. They have access to technology that can set the most realistic price for your home. Therefore, you can be sure that you are not asking for too much or too little. This technology also targets the right customers who are looking to buy.

Take advantage of video tours

When using technology to create video tours, you no longer have to be limited by distance. Potential buyers from other countries, or those closer but with limited traffic, can view your home online to get a feel of the place, before deciding if they want to see it in person. This makes it easier and cheaper for them and means you spend less time showing people around or making sure your home is ready for personal viewing. If you already live a busy life, this can take a long time.

Take great pictures

One of the first things home buyers want to see are photos of your home. So, make sure these look professional and show the place at its best. While you don’t want pictures to appear cluttered, many people like the look of a tidy but lively home, so a few personal touches and home comforts can give them an idea of ​​what an ideal place for them could be. If you have already moved or bought a place to renovate and sell it at a profit, it will be mostly or completely unfurnished. By all means, include pictures of the rooms as is, but if you have great photo-editing skills, you can make the most of the technology by showing them how they would look furnished.

Share on social media

Even if you are working with a real estate broker to sell your house, you can help increase the number of home hunters who see your listing by sharing it on social media. A little searching will show you hashtags that are commonly used for home listings on various social media platforms, and help get them to be seen by as many people as possible.

You can also find related groups and respond to any posts asking about homes for sale if this matches the area you are in. And the more you join other conversations in these groups, the more you will be alerted about posts that are relevant to you. So it helps to share.

Technology may not be everyone’s favorite topic, but it can help with many things, including selling your home. So, it is worth taking advantage of it.

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