UVeye Partners with GM to Expand Technology to Global Dealerships

UVeye, a provider of advanced vehicle diagnostic systems, announced that it has received investment from General Motors’ capital arm, GM Ventures, to help fund the development and commercialization of the company’s vehicle inspection technology.

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UVeye Partners with GM to Expand Technology to Global Dealerships
One of the things UVeye offers is its 360-degree detection system that checks sheet metal and other exterior body components such as bumpers, door locks, grilles and windows.

UVeye has also entered into a business agreement with General Motors to explore expanding UVeye high-speed automated systems to GM dealers in various markets.

As the venture capital arm of General Motors, GM invests strategically in startup companies that share GM’s vision of an all-electric, hands-free, and more seamlessly connected future, and help position GM as a leader in transportation technology.

As part of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two companies have agreed to work on a variety of vehicle inspection technology projects that include used car auctions, fleet operations and car dealership sales. In the future, UVeye plans to integrate electric and self-driving vehicle platforms into its inspection databases as well.

UVeye systems use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-resolution camera technologies to quickly and accurately check tires, undercarriage and the exterior of a vehicle for defects, missing parts and other safety issues.

More than 4,000 GM dealerships will be eligible to purchase vehicle inspection equipment for use in their service lanes. The team will also explore applications to extend the technology to outdoor surveys and imaging to generate online interest and potential sales of used vehicles.

“We are on a journey to create the best customer service experience possible, and the UVeye app in our dealer service lanes helps us do just that, and providing consistent, accurate, real-time feedback to our customers will help ensure they get the very best,” said JOHN ROTH, Global Vice President, Customer Care and Aftersales at General Motors.

Amir Hever, CEO and co-founder of UVeye, noted that automated scans take seconds to complete and are far more accurate than the time-consuming manual inspections commonly used today.

UVeye currently has facilities in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region, including offices in Israel, Japan, Germany and the United States. The company has formed strategic partnerships with many dealer groups, used car auctions and vehicle fleets since its establishment in 2016.

GM dealers have access to three high-speed UVeye systems that use a unique combination of proprietary algorithms, cloud engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor fusion technologies. They include:

  • Expose lower issues. Underbody scanner that detects a variety of issues including tire damage, missing parts, fluid leaks, as well as brake and exhaust system issues.
  • Tire check. Tire quality check system. Within seconds, it determines tire brand, technical specifications, air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, alignment issues, and whether the vehicle’s tires do not match.
  • Whole body analysis. A 360-degree detection system that inspects sheet metal and other exterior body components such as fenders, door locks, grilles and windows.

Hever believes UVeye shares a common vision with General Motors to improve the quality of service that can benefit dealers, service technicians, and customers alike.

“High-speed inspection equipment can be empowering tools for new and used car dealers,” he said. “We very much look forward to working with General Motors in the coming months and years. Both companies share the same vision and sense of innovation and when it comes to vehicle quality, the future is bright.”

Early applications of UVeye technology at limited retailers in North America are already beginning to yield positive results. As the collaboration continues, the two companies will seek to expand applications of the technology across GM’s global dealer network, leveraging the power of real-time vehicle diagnostics and creating a more streamlined exchange of information between customers, their vehicles and service technicians.

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