Vodafone Partners with Oracle to Accelerate Technology Modernization on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The communications group plans to modernize and move critical systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions designated to support the rollout of next-generation communications services

Austin, Texas And the LondonAnd the June 21 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oracle and Vodafone, the largest pan-European and African technology telecommunications company, today announced a strategic partnership to modernize the operator’s European IT infrastructure and accelerate its transition to the cloud.

Under the multi-year agreement, Vodafone will modernize and migrate a significant number of its systems to the OCI Dedicated Region, a fully managed cloud that brings together all Oracle public cloud services in the Vodafone network and its data centers. This will provide a custom Vodafone cloud platform to update thousands of Oracle databases as well as support and extend mission-critical OSS and BSS systems, including CRM and order management.

The implementation will also enable Vodafone to create new cloud-based applications faster, and by taking advantage of its geographic scope, launch them in multiple markets at the same time.

Oracle will deploy a dedicated OCI area in key Vodafone data centers running European IT and network operations. Deploying public cloud services directly within the Vodafone network and its data centers will enable the operator to flexibly modernize, manage and automate its critical systems using new technologies such as standalone services, and meet the latency and performance requirements of these applications more easily.

Vodafone will also have close access to computing resources that will enable it to dynamically scale and scale services in multiple geographies according to changing business requirements, while reducing operational costs and meeting data residency regulations.

The partnership supports Vodafone’s multi-year initiative to unify and modernize the technology infrastructure that supports its mission-critical systems into a standard open local shared platform capable of supporting and scaling next-generation digital services. It will also help Vodafone advance its 2025 technology goals: reduce time to market its services, provide superior customer experiences through always-on services, and reduce operational costs through automation.

He said, “As Vodafone focuses on growth, data is key to how we develop our business, build new capabilities and innovate to meet the needs of our customers. Our collaboration with Oracle supports our vision of becoming a technology communications company.” Scott PettyCEO, Digital and IT, Vodafone. “The agreement enables Oracle to bring its full suite of cloud services directly to Vodafone data centers. This includes the same architecture, software, services and control plane used in OCI’s public cloud. The flexibility provided by OCI allows us to build a robust, secure, and scalable cloud platform in data centers. our own business, while providing the operational flexibility and scalability required to support the growth and diversification of our business.”

“Telecom companies are reimagining their business models to innovate and invest in new opportunities quickly and at scale,” he said. Clay McGuirk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Vodafone is at the forefront of this thinking, and we are excited to bring the power of OCI to Vodafone’s data centers to support the company and its partners as they accelerate this vision and deliver the next generation of connected services.”

“Now more than ever, carriers need to rapidly adopt new technologies to rapidly introduce new innovative products while continuing to meet evolving regulatory requirements. Our partnership with Vodafone builds on striking this balance, providing a cloud platform that enables Vodafone to modernize and modernize,” said Jonathan Tykoczynski. Executive Vice President, Global Strategic Customers, Oracle.

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